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Are you smarter than Dale Mitchell? Round 2

Ah, isn't it more fun when you can be optimistic and stand a chance of getting points? Plenty of people did just that for Friday's game, will an away game in front of a hostile crowd after a couple of nights of sampling Panama City's nightlife lead to more caution?

Predict the score in the comments section or @wakingthered on twitter, 2 points for the correct result, 1 point for correct amount of Canada goals, 1 point for correct amount of Panama Gooooooooooooolllls.

The prize is confirmed as a signed picture of Olivier Occean. Not too shabby. Thanks for playing.

duncan fletcher 4 (occean)
brucehardingtfc 4 (occean)
sulfur_chesh 4(occean)
john leung 4 (legerwood)
berktopia 3 (de ro)
lars lowther 3 (occean)
darth pingu 3 (jackson)
jc_plante 3 (jackson)
b_like_fonz 3
67leafnation 3
steph gunther 2 (de ro)
wright anomaly 2 (de ro)
staticr 2(de ro)
psonumber9 2 (de ro)
redwineroz 2 (jackson)
kzknowles 2 (occean)
dave rowaan 2 (hutchinson)
prizby 2
duane rollins 2
footy wolverine go blue 2
kevin ferreira 1
not miro kliment 0 (occean