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Hahnemann to Seattle. TFC get a conditional draft pick

A draft pick.  Somewhere. sometime. eventually.  Maybe.
A draft pick. Somewhere. sometime. eventually. Maybe.

Well this all went down very quickly. It came out earlier today that 40 year old American goalie Marcus Hahnemann was returning back to the US from England where he'd been without a club since being released by Everton at the end of last season.

That means he had to go through the allocation process, and hey, what do you know, at the top of that list is Toronto FC. Now Hahnemann's 40, probably looking to come back to somewhere he's comfortable with, and probably not in any way looking to finish his career in front of TFC's shambolic defence. That means something was probably arranged before he declared his intention to return, and lo and behold he popped up at one of his former clubs, the Seattle Sounders.

Returning to an old club where he's still viewed fondly, with a chance to do something in the playoffs and the CCL, it just makes sense really. All of which means there was probably only one potential trading partner and minimal leverage for TFC in this one.

Still, something's better than nothing, especially given that the allocation order gets reset again for next season based on this year's results, so we'll go right back to the top of that list soon. Thus, in exchange for their position at the top of the order, TFC end up with, drum roll please......."a conditional draft pick". That frankly magnificently minimalist announcement is probably the only details we'll get for a long time, no note of what round it might be, what year it might be, or what the conditions attached were. God Bless MLS.