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Anselmi promoted. Never has anything been as simultaneously hilarious, depressing and predictable.

So, by now you've all probably seen the news, Tom Anselmi was named today as the replacement for Richard Peddie as President and COO of MLSE, effective immediately.

As per the press release,which also includes some fun pictures of the many faces of Teflon Tom (Patriot! Rock Star! Businessman! Sports Guy! ), " His passion for our teams and our fans makes Tom the perfect choice as President and COO of this great organization."

LOL, and might I add ROFL, Fantastic stuff! Oh, they're serious aren't they? Ahem, well then.

Of course this comes as no surprise at all, it's been long rumoured ever since Richard Peddie announced his retirement way back when. We all knew it, and he knew it as well, remember the press conference for the firing of Aron Winter and the hiring of Paul Mariner? All slouchy and disinterested, he was the picture of someone who just didn't give a shit, and knew he wouldn't have to pretend to give a shit for much longer about this rinky dink little team that gave him way too much trouble considering the tiny proportion of his responsibilities and MLSE as a whole it represented. All those town halls with the surly unwashed masses, the practically annual regretful press conferences to announce yet another ending/new beginning, he knew it was almost over, and now the day's finally here.

Of course all that failure and constant restarting he had to oversee was never going to stop him from moving on up, after all, the profits though diminishing, are presumably still coming in from TFC, which is what really counts, and really it was a minor part of his feifdom, and that's the same thing that means that this will really change nothing for TFC. The Fire Anselmi banners were never going to come true, but a plausible hope was the he would fail upwards and the vacancy filled in a much more productive manner. That's the bit that I have no faith in.

With their other underacheiving properties the Leafs and Raptors, MLSE eventually realised their error and appointed Brian Burke and Brian Colangelo respectively, giving them full control and allowing them to report directly to the board. There's little tangible success from that approach yet, but it's definitely a good thing. Sadly it's not one that's going to be repeated here, for the same reason the now 6 year long shitshow didn't affect Anselmi's job prospects. Given all the pies MLSE has it's fingers in, condos, restaurants, tv stations and so on and so forth, TFC just aren't worth it. As much as some of us obsess over all the minutiae of the club, MLS is still a very minor league in the North American scheme of things.

What we'll get instead is more of the same, a businessman who'll be a part time president for TFC with many other responsibilities, with extensive soccer experience or knowledge probably quite far down the list of qualifications required. MLSE obviously like to promote from within, which would suggest Paul Beirne could be in with a shot, he's been with the organisation for a while, going back to before his time at TFC. As uninspiring as that sounds given the failures he's played a part of, at least Beirne has been around TFC and MLS for 6 years and has hopefully picked up plenty of tips on what not to do at the very least.

Anselmi's gone from direct involvement with TFC, that's a start, but it would surprise me greatly if it did lead to better things.