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Arnold Peralta turns down Toronto FC's offer.

The Honduran midfielder linked so strongly to Toronto FC is now said to not be coming after turning down TFC's contract offer.

Not coming soon to Toronto.
Not coming soon to Toronto.
Stanley Chou

Young, Honduran international, midfielder, it all sounded very good. Arnold Peralta seemed set to be an important part of TFC's team next year, but the deal, reported by multiple places in Honduras as well as John Molinaro at Sportsnet to be all done bar the signing earlier this week is, for now at least, off.

His club in Honduras, CDS Vida tweeted the following yesterday:

Roughly translated, Arnold Peralta didn't accept TFC's offer and remains with the club.


Terms had been arranged with the club, a transfer fee reported to be $350,000, and as per this report from La Tribuna, that money was going to be a big help to the club as they're in a bit of a financial crisis and it would have gone towards paying wages, but it was Peralta himself who killed the deal off, turning down TFC's offer, of which no details have come out as of yet.

Hopefully the deal isn't entirely dead and Peralta and his agent are merely negotiating and it might still happen, but for now it seems unlikely, so TFC's midfield remains as it was, desperately in need of reinforcements. Maybe we'll get them sometime in May or June, that'd be ok, no hurry.

If it doesn't end up happening, well TFC have themselves a big chunk of allocation money that would have gone towards the transfer fee to do something else with. Maybe that other Honduran they were linked to, Alexander Lopez?

In other news, Kurt Larson casually dropped the news on twitter that Quincy Amarikwa seems to be on the way out, as contract discussions continue with player and club still quite far apart. Unless some sudden realism comes over Quincy, he probably won't be around next season, to which i say: Amarikwa - Fuck Meh!