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Farrell Who? Toronto FC Trades First Pick Overall In The Superdraft To The NE Revolution

Boom goes the dynamite. New TFC president Kevin Payne continues to make major moves in getting the team that he wants. In a surprising move Toronto FC have traded their first overall pick to the New England Revolution for the fourth pick and allocation money.

What's that, ball?  Trade the first pick?  Ok then, if you say so.
What's that, ball? Trade the first pick? Ok then, if you say so. Giamou

This ain't the old Toronto FC, welcome to the moving and shaking world of Kevin Payne and TFC version; umm whichever version it is, it's certainly not boring.

Word came late this afternoon that Payne had traded TFC's first overall pick in the MLS Superdraft to the New England Revolution for the fourth pick and allocation money. While many had speculated that a move of this sort was likely to take place, the Revs being the recipient came as a bit of a surprise.

TFC can now potentially parlay two picks into three players. With two of the top five picks Toronto can still have their pick of the draft as there were doubts if they wanted or even needed Andrew Farrell - heavily favoured to go as the No. 1 pick at this year's draft. With the Reds already stocked up at the back, getting much need allocation money, though we'll never find out how much, is going to likely help the team pick up an experienced, attacking midfielder that can play out wide - one of the areas where TFC is still currently paper thin.

President Payne (I love the way that sounds) had this to say following the trade: "We have our eye on several players in the MLS SuperDraft, but we want to come out of the draft with more than just two player picks," said Toronto FC President and GM Kevin Payne. "We believe we can still get the players we want at the third and fourth picks, and have our team benefit from the allocation money."

The same questions still remain - who will Toronto take tomorrow afternoon? Will they use their remaining picks to take Kyle Bekker, the Canadian who's stock has risen sharply due to an outstanding combine and Eriq Zavaleta another young player that impressed at the combine? Are New England interested in someone else, such as Walker Zimmerman, meaning (if Chivas are to be believed) Farrell will be available at 3 anyway In the SBNation Mock Draft WTR writer Dave Rowaan put Zavaleta as his No. 3 pick. Or they could go with Mikey Lopez and Walker Zimmerman if either are still available. There are a number of players out there that would suit Toronto's needs but as always in the craziness that is the off season and the draft, anything could happen.

Welcome to the new TFC kids - where things are never, ever boring.