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Peralta Turned Down Toronto FC Offer

Reports from Costa Rica shed some added light onto why talks between Toronto FC and Arnold Peralta failed to result in the club signing the player.

For some reason this image makes my blog boil a bit
For some reason this image makes my blog boil a bit
Stanley Chou

It was made clear in the past few weeks that Arnold Peralta went from being on the verge of signing for Toronto FC to having the deal fall through. It seems that things did not work out because the player decided to turn down the club's offer in hopes of getting better offers in the future. We talked about the potential deal when it seemed like it was about to be completed but since then things to a turn for the worse.

In an interview with La Tribuna, the Honduran International addressed the reasons for the deal with Toronto FC falling through. Peralta is currently with the national team participating in the Copa Centroamericana in Costa Rica. His Honduran side drew with El Salvador in the opening match of the group stage thanks to a strike from New England Revolution forward Jerry Bengston. It is a tournament that features a lot of MLS players but it seems that Peralta will not be the next one to join that list, at least for now.

The article suggests that his current club, Vida, and some of the fans are not particularly happy that he was unable to agree to terms with TFC. Peralta has no intentions of renewing his current contract with Vida and the club was hoping to sell him abroad before it ends in six months time. Vida had reportedly agreed to a deal with TFC to sell the player but personal terms could not be agreed.

It seems that Peralta hoping for better personal terms to the deal and that is why he turned it down. Peralta does make sure to thank Toronto FC for their interest in him but feels that there is lots of time left for him to make his move overseas and does not want to rush it. He gives no indication of having received other offers at this stage or that talks are on going with Toronto FC so it seems that he is set to stay in Honduras. He has not spoken to Vida's President since the deal fell through as he is focused on his duties with the national team.

The deal now seems to be good and dead but hopefully the club has already moved on to other options. Even with the addition of Kyle Bekker in the draft the team remains thin and old in the midfield and could do with some reinforcements. There is still the rumour out there that TFC has eyes for another Honduran in Alex Lopez but there have been no new developments in that story of late.

Peralta would have provided depth in central midfield and a possible option at right back had the club been able to sign him. At only 23 years of age he is already the captain of his club team and starting to be a regular member of the Honduran national team so he would have been quite the signing for TFC but it seems like we will never get the chance to see how that would have worked out.

With training camp officially underway for the club the time to sign players in running short so hopefully TFC's management team already has a plan in place to address some of the remaining holes in the squad before we get too close to the start of the season and they are left scrambling.