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MLS Supplemental Draft 2013: Live Thread

4 more rounds, 4 more picks for TFC to stock their training camp rosters with, then quietly let go.

With the 1st overall pick of the 2013 Supplemental draft, Toronto FC select, 3 months of Quincy Amarikwa!
With the 1st overall pick of the 2013 Supplemental draft, Toronto FC select, 3 months of Quincy Amarikwa!
Tom Szczerbowski

Let's go supplemental! Let's go supplemental! La-la-la-lah, Ooh! La-la-la-lah, Ooh!

Yes, after the SuperHype and SuperBuzz of the SuperDraft, today is the much more low key supplemental draft, where all those prospects chastened by their snubbing last week get their chance for redemption. It's not on tv, it's not streamed, it's not even done live, just a conference call that we all get to follow via, or twitter. TFC thinks so little of it that they scheduled their annual media day at the same time

But hey, that's more than good enough for us to do a live thread, so join us here at 2pm for details as it happens and to find out who the 4 latest additions to TFC's squad will be, who we can try convince ourselves will be good, before they all get released within a month.

Last year, TFC's 5 supplemental draftees were a particularly unsuccessful bunch, Michael Green, Nickardo Blake, Mykell Bates, Arthur Ivo and Michael Mazzulo all came and went without an impact. But we shouldn't be too facetious as 2011 saw Joao Plata selected in what was the 3rd round of the SuperDraft, which would now be a supplemental draft pick, so there's value there occasionally. There's still a few good players surprisingly left over from last week, check out Dave's run down of exactly who they are here.

It's unlikely TFC will get any of those though, as New York swooped in and decided that our 1st overall pick would be the pick to be named later that we gave them for Quincy Amarikwa. That means TFC don't pick until the 2nd round, 20th overall, followed by picks at 38, obtained from L.A, 39th overall in the 3rd and 58th in the 4th. Not sure where that LA pick comes from, I'd really really like to think we got more than that for Chad Barrett.

Anyway, join me here at 2 as I try to keep up with all the picks. If it's anything like last year, I'll give up quickly and just concentrate on finding any kind of useful info on whoever TFC picks. Fun.