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Update: Redknapp says "(Nelsen) has been offered a job in America..."

He may not accept the offer, and it may or may not be from Toronto, but at least one part of the Nelsen to TFC rumour has been confirmed.

Nelsen in action.  Against Stevenage.
Nelsen in action. Against Stevenage.
Scott Heavey

In an interview after Queens Park Rangers' game on Saturday, QPR boss 'Arry Redknapp was asked about the rumours of Ryan Nelsen leaving in the January transfer window.

He's quoted over at the BBC as saying the following:

"He has been offered a job in America and I think there is every chance he might want to go.

"To lose him would be a massive blow. I'll speak to the owner and we'll try [to keep him] but it is difficult."

"He has been fantastic. I took him to Tottenham last year from Blackburn. He's one of the best pros I've ever met in my life, a fantastic player, a great trainer, a leader," he said.

"He is a massive part of your team [but] he wants to be a manager and it is a chance for him to manage a club."

Sounds like something is going to happen, but let's not get too excited just yet. Redknapp says they're going to try and keep him, and QPR's resources are undoubtedly more than TFC's. There's also the fact that DC United still seems to be the front runner, they're the only team mentioned in the linked article and others.

Having said that, DC have been outright denying it, rather than TFC simply not commenting at all, with Ben Olsen calling the reports 100% not true.

The TFC link might be nothing more than just lazy Kevin Payne related dot connecting. Even if not, there's still probably a long way to go, after all Nelsen has been a big part of QPR's defence all season and is still under contract, you can't imagine they'd just easily let him go. At least we now know the whole thing wasn't completely made up though, and given it was the Daily Mail who published the initial report that was a distinct possibility.

Back when the Arnold Peralta deal was first broke, it was said that TFC management wouldn't be getting back in Toronto and officially doing anything until January 7th. There's one very strong signing report (Peralta) and a couple of weaker ones (Lopez and Nelsen) that may or may not get resolved, let's not forget Paul Mariner's Scandinavia/Cyprus trip, the Nik Ledgerwood rumours, a couple of draft picks to shop around, and hopefully other stuff that hasn't been sniffed out by the media yet. Hold on to your hats, things are about to get interesting.