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16 Canadians on NWSL Allocation List

US Soccer and the Canadian Soccer Association has released the names of 16 Canadian women's players who will be allocated to the 8 teams in the new National Women's Soccer League. Who made it? Take a look...

Stanley Chou

In a release today, the names of 16 Canadian women's national soccer team players that will be allocated to the National Women's Soccer League teams have been revealed.

Many of them are members of the bronze medal winning team from London, such as the goalscoring hero Diana Matheson and 2012 Lou Marsh Trophy winner Christine Sinclair. Other obvious picks include Carmelina Moscato, Desiree Scott, Sophie Schmidt and Erin McLeod (the last one rumored to be considering staying in Sweden, according to some Tweets). Along with the experienced veterans, the CSA has also include some names we may not recognize such as U-20 star Adriana Leon and West Virginia University forward Bryanna McCarthy. However, there is one notable absentee from this list in Melissa Tancredi, who is taking time off to complete her education.

In a CSA statement, John Herdman stated that these 16 were chosen with the future in mind. "Ultimately we have a responsibility towards the future of our game to ensure we prepare the next generation as much as we value our veteran players."

Herdman also adds that these 16 will be closely monitored by the CSA, and can be replaced with other players if they are deemed not up to the "Gold Medal Standard", saying that it will create a competitive setting that will help continue the growth of the national program.

In full, the 16 are: Melanie Booth, Robyn Gayle, Kaylyn Kyle, Karina LeBlanc, Adriana Leon, Diana Matheson, Bryanna McCarthy, Erin McLeod, Carmelina Moscato, Jodi-Ann Robinson, Sophie Schmidt, Desiree Scott, Lauren Sesselmann, Christine Sinclair, Rhian Wilkinson and Emily Zurrer.

We will have more on this story as it develops, including the results of the allocation, which is due on Friday.