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Talking Toronto FC on Vuvuzela Soccer Show

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On Tuesday evening I joined the folks over at Vuvuzela Soccer Show to talk about Toronto FC covering many of the interesting topics that have surrounded the club recently.

Kevork Djansezian

I made my audio debut talking about Toronto FC on Tuesday evening as I joined the folks over at Vuvuzela to talk about the latest round of drama surrounding Toronto FC. The show covers a lot of other topics including Chivas USA and the Portland Timbers so if you want to give it a listen and are only interested in the part about TFC that begins around the 44 minute mark.

The show covered a fairly wide range of topics relating to TFC from Leiweke's arrival, the hiring of Bezbatchenko, the potential Argos move, and stadium upgrades. I remained surprisingly optimistic though it all and thinking back on it I may have held out too much hope that all it would take is a winning team to bring back the kind of crowds that greeted this club when it first arrived on the scene back in 2007.

With this being the first time that I have had my voice recorded talking about Toronto FC I would greatly appreciate constructive feedback on how it went. It is something I hope to do more of and potentially bring an audio component to what we do on this site at some point in the future so that input for our readers would be helpful in that regard.