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Are you smarter than Aron Winter? Round 17

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Predict the score of Chicago vs Toronto and win, win, win!

One last time for the 'Dude! You dropped your beer' photo.
One last time for the 'Dude! You dropped your beer' photo.
Tom Szczerbowski

It's squeaky bum time with just two games remaining and only 3 people in with a chance of winning. So, let's remind ourselves of what we're playing for this time around. An odd collection of stuff, most of which is full of Winter based nostagia. There's the 2011 end of season yearbook, promising all sorts of great things in 2012, as well as the 2012 one. There's the programme for the peak of Winter's time here, that game against LA at the skydome, as well as the programme for his last game against Philadelphia. His notes included: "I feel after the cup win on Wednesday this is the right opportunity to turn things around. We want to head into the international break with two consecutive wins....Regardless I always keep the faith in my players and what we are doing here." Aaaaawww.

Also, more randomly, the LA Galaxy 2008 media guide, in all it's Alexi Lalas and Ruud Gullit glory, and also pink MLS sweatbands and laces just like the players are wearing right now to promote breast cancer awareness. All pictured below.


So, can TFC get the win? Can Stefan Frei show us all what we've been missing? Or can Operation Screw Montreal proceed according to plan and Chicago get the 3 points? Who knows?

Why you do of course, so predict the score in the comments section or @wakingthered or @duncandfletcher on twitter. 2 points for the correct result, 1 for the correct amount of TFC goals, 1 for the correct amount of Fire goals. Current standings below, thanks for playing.

pkelamis 37
Randy Narine 34
zicogold 31
the yorkies 29
steph gunther 27
wright anomaly 27
ghost of tfc future 26
michelle 26
andrew winter 25
sasktfc fan 25
james m casey 25
bruce harding 25
c.beaulieu 25
red wine roz 25
bradtaylor78 24
prizby 24
wilcov 23
d dubya 23
DTM Nova Scotia 22
angus chung 21
kristin knowles 21
b_like_fonz 19
sulfur_chesh 18
Duncan fletcher 18
izaac 18
footy wolverine go blue 17
mr tuktoyaktuk 17
blindfolded tank driver 16
sweep6 16
henryforpm 16
stonemonkey 15
psonumber9 14
ignirtoq 13
hansdampf 12
stoppage_time 11
milos uskokovic 11
n3wt 11
schtevetown 10
brian coulter 10
varry galk 10
dcherk 10
toronto tony 10
sn0wmanCA 9
ams1984 9
c to the d 9
tfcleafnation 9
don jacyshyn 8
allan thornton 7
dkolish3 7
dave rowaan 6
jon reznik 5
andy esssss 5
jon.stewart 4
luca capone 4
elusivecart 4
jon.stewart 4
gray reid 4
rob ditta 3
still kicking tfc 3
james grossi 3
darth pingu 3
pompey canuck 3
susanjm 2
boba fett 2
dan evans 2
john leung 1
david saad 1
tarv 1
jc plante 1
tuffyrocks 1
walms 1
tobias vaughan 1
DT Mazur 1
kwhisperer 1
busapunk 1
pigfynn 1