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Toronto FC 1:0 Montreal Impact. Picture Gallery

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Via Martin Bazyl Photography, some of the best photos of TFC's win over Montreal.

We'll have a full report later today, for now, some random thoughts and a picture gallery.

A pretty decent performance really, but wow, Montreal are crap right now, can't quite figure out how Philly managed to lose to them last week. Hopefully Houston, New England and Chicago can complete the job.

Nice goal from Earnshaw, good striker's instinct, very similar to what he did last week, except that this time he wasn't miles offside. Couple of good saves by bendik to keep the lead, and hey, even Kyle Bekker looked alright out there.

Weather wasn't as bad as I expected, once the rain stopped it was very tolerable.

All in all a good way to finish off a shitty season.

Once again Martin Bazyl was at the game on saturday to bring you some great photos of the game and some of the post game stuff as well. Flick through the gallery above and click here for the full set.