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Toronto FC 2013 Top 36 Countdown: Number 29 - Danny Koevermans

Engaging as ever off the pitch this year. On it? well sadly enough he wasn't really there often enough to do much at all, and so after a number 2 finish in 2011 and number 1 in 2012, the defending champ falls way down the charts. At number 29, it's Danny Koevermans.

Danny in rare on pitch action. And hey, it's Aaron maund.
Danny in rare on pitch action. And hey, it's Aaron maund.

Average pick: 26.31
Highest Pick: 6
Lowest Pick: 36

Duncan: 29. Throughout pre season and especially through the season as TFC struggled and desperately needed re-inforcements, Koevermans rehab and recovery from the ACL injury suffered when at the height of his goalscoring powers last summer was closely followed, his return eagerly awaited. That All For One show that Gol TV did focused an episode on him taking shots on goal for the first time, as well as showcasing his entertaining friendship with Terry Dunfield, including when they went to see an Orlando Magic game, with Matt Stinson and Jonathan Osorio riding in the back seat with the cameraman. Dunfield looked ridiculous in a basketball jersey and rather unfortunately, they decided to show Koevermans visiting the concession stands, way to just feed us the easy jokes guys.

That recovery was rewarded on June 1st when he made his first appearance of the year, coming on as a sub late in the game against Philadelphia. Was it the wisest sub, with TFC down to ten men and holding on to a lead, amidst that horrible run of always conceding late, and with Jeremy Brockie the one to leave, despite having only being subbed on just over 20 minutes ago himself? Obviously not and Philly went on to score to ruin the moment, but it was a genuinely touching moment, the ovation he received as he stepped onto the field.

After that, he got another sub appearance in Houston, his one and only start of the season, going almost an hour against RSL, and then another 5 minutes or so at the end of the 3-3 game against Montreal. 78 minutes all together, he got 2 shots off, both of them on target, but he didn't score any goals. That wasn't entirely surprising as 2012 had shown that it can take a while for Koevermans to shake the rust off even when not coming off a serious injury and long layoff. Sadly, he then got a calf injury in training that kept re-occuring every time he got close to being ready to join the team, and so his 2013 ended with a whimper. I can't see a scenario where he's back next season so it seems a very sad end to what could have been a great career ending few years for him. He should be leaving a legend, the club's leading scorer and wall of fame honouree. Alas, it wasn't to be.

Probably the best summing up of his season and time at TFC come from the man himself, his media day interview had the frankness of a man who's rich, talented and old enough to not have to worry about burning bridges within MLS and is well worth 10 minutes of your time. Bang on criticism of the lack of stability at TFC ( I got to the locker room, "where's Maxi?" "ah, we left him in Portland") and the need for MLS to raise the minimum wage, and criticism of Ryan Nelsen's lack of communication with players. Also there's this fantastic interview piece by Neil Davidson from the end of the season where he details his frustration at how this year went, along with more pointed criticisms of all the constant change at TFC.

His plan seems to be to return to Holland and hope to catch on with a team for the rest of this season and hopefully another year after that, I wish him all the best.

Dave: 26. Stupid injuries! All the work to come back from his knee surgery only to be sidetracked by a number of other leg injuries when he was just getting fit. With Toronto's complete lack of goal scoring this season a healthy Koevermans would have been a massive boost as he is clearly miles better than Justin Braun. Now he will likely be heading back to the Netherlands leaving a big Dutch hole in Toronto's lineup. Just another case of what could have been.

Armen: 31. Danny Koevermans had the potential to be a worthy name on the Wall of Honour, but potential and reality can cruelly unravel.

James: 28. Will never forgive AJ Soares for his late dig at Danny that pre-empted the injury that ruined his time in MLS

Kristin: 28. Oh what could have been. He'll go down as one of (if not the) most prolific scorers for not just TFC but for MLS on a goal per game basis; and he was ours. It is frustrating to rate him this low, frustrating to see him trotted out as a "please the fans" sub in a game he had no business in, but more than that - frustrating to see him talk about leaving and playing one more year elsewhere while saying how much he has business to finish here and so forth. All the best to you Danny, thanks for the goals and everything.

Angus Chung: Of the myriad of players who have donned that red jersey, he is probably (with the exception of Frings) the best player we have ever had. As a lethal poacher in front of goal, technically sound on the ball with deadly passing, and the ability to always be in the right place at the right time, Danny K was worth every penny of his million dollar contract. Yes he got injured a lot, but every time he stepped on to the pitch we had a legitimate scoring threat on the field regardless of who was playing. For this reason, even if he only played a few games this season one has to put him near the top of any ranking of TFC players just given his body of work.

Bruce Harding. Sigh. Never recovered from injury, Such a shame. Legend.

David kent: so sad so expensive

Henry for PM: reminded us how important the dp designation is, will miss him (can we sign him for cheap?)

Ignirtoq: #shouldHaveBeenALegend #musclesMadeOfPulledPork

Izaac: Bye bye big buddy you were good when you were good but to hurt to help by the end

JD: Great player, but too old and broken. I also think he pretty much gave up trying to come back several months ago (injury or not).

Jon Spratt: Sad ending for a guy who really loved the city and was the best finisher to ever wear the red. Can't believe Nelsen's recent shot at him in the press, or when I read people saying "Koevermans did nothing for us."

Killinghurst: Was always a good quote, but for his salary, he just had to be playing and contributing. The biggest bust of 2013.

Mark_HSV: I don't know if he was injured at the end or what, but clearly TFC had given up on him. I hope he gets a new club and scores a bunch of goals.

Michaelvee: Koevermans owes TFC some money. They rehabbed 2 injuries, paid his outrageous salary. He wants to play another year and if he wants to play for league minimum, I say keep him. Otherwise, off he goes. Nobody else will touch him and he'll return to Holland and retire.

Prizby: This is more of a sentimental ranking (29); probably should be a few less, but what he has been able to do, when healthy, this just felt more to wonder though, if only Koef was healthy.

Robert Snider: what's to say? Nice guy for someone made of papier mache. I wish him well.

The Yorkies: "It was fun while it lasted". Also what Koef says to a pie after 30 seconds.

Tyler: I will really miss big Dan. He had so much passion for the club and the game and it just didn't work out this season. I almost want to rank him higher just for that ovation he got when finally returning to the pitch….even though it was a stupid substitution.

Yohan: Another victim of the injury bug, tough season for Koevermans who wants to give his all, but his body failed him. He's 35, and soon due to retire, but he'll be another one of those what ifs to ponder, if Koevermans was healthy at least for half season. Because he is still the most lethal striker to play for TFC.

Number 28: Danny Califf

Number 30: Maximiliano Urruti

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