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Canada vs Slovenia: Preview and Game Thread.

Canada's pursuit of a win in 2013 continues. Can they even get a goal?

Such a sloppy lineup photo. No wonder they lost.
Such a sloppy lineup photo. No wonder they lost.
Canada Soccer/Ruta

After Friday's game, it's now 12 games in 2013, without a win, and with only one goal scored. Even given a penalty, Canada and specifically Dwayne de Rosario couldn't score, it's all getting very very bleak.  Fortunately enough there's no games that mean anything coming up anytime soon, so it's just more chances for Benito Floro to experiment, search for signs of improvement and slowly make things a little bit better.

That starts with today's game against Slovenia, line on Sportsnet one at 12 eastern.

Sounds exciting doesn't it!

Apologies for the half arsed preview, but things have been busy and this hasn't really got the heart racing or the creatives juices pumping, so here I am on Tuesday morning throwing something together.

Enjoy more preview here from Gavin Day, and Stefan Cebara giving you the lowdown on Slovenia, and footage from practice that shows an actual Canadian actually scoring a goal!!!

Anyway, join us here for lineup updates when they hit twitter and chat throughout the game, I'll be following along via twitter at work, maybe someone who's actually watching will be here as well, who knows really. In the meantime, from yesterday, here's Bright Dike scoring against Italy. Il Carnaggio!