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Toronto FC 2013 Top 36 Countdown: Number 20 - Reggie Lambe

Survived the 2013 season, didn't really do much on the field, but did plenty off of it. At 20, it's Reggie Lambe.

At spot #20, Reggie Lambe can smile at having survived the 2013 season.
At spot #20, Reggie Lambe can smile at having survived the 2013 season.

Average Ranking: 18.94
Highest Ranking: 9
Lowest ranking: 35

Armen: 18 What can I say about Reggie Lambe?

Well, having seen all seven of his goals this season in person, I've got to say, Lambe showed the kind of form and poise that only some of the elite players possess. His touch is perfect, his ability to move around in midfield shows football IQ, and yes, even his defending was solid, a skill that isn't always easy for someone in his position to master.

Unfortunately, all of this took place in FIFA 13 on the PlayStation 3, where his Borussia Dortmund side beat my Valencia by a score of 7-0. To be fair, Lambe is actually really, really good at EA Sport's annual football simulator. After he smashed in the fourth goal with Lewandowski, part of me questioned everything I had ever known about the game of football. What is a goal? What makes a footballer? Why is grass green? This, I believe, was the coping mechanism of my mind, so wrought with sorrow that, upon the fifth, sixth and seventh goals conceded, could not fathom ever matching this level of skill.

Sadly, Lambe didn't manage to replicate his online form on the field this season. He recorded zero goals this year but played in 28 games, 20 as a starter; that's 1799 minutes of playing time. His only contribution of the year was an assist against D.C. United, when he found Bobby Convey with a pass for an equalizing goal. That game ended 1-1, giving Toronto FC a solitary point.

Still, what Lambe lacked in output and results on the field, he more than made up for off of it.

He was involved in Andrew Wiedeman's pick-up line contest, which he completely crushed with this stunner:

He then challenged people to a movie quote contest, where fans and Andrew Wiedeman tried to guess which movie a quote of his choosing came from.

For example - "Dad, you were like a father to me."

Boom. Nailed it.

Yes, Reggie Lambe was not the best Toronto FC player, but in his own way, he was up there in terms of club personalities. If he's around next season, he can be an interesting player, but he needs to crank up the output and score some goals in real life to justify a spot in the roster.

20th overall isn't too bad for a player who worked his tail off in training but couldn't convert that into positive form in game. Still, Lambe possesses numerous qualities that make him an asset, his speed and control among them. He can be dangerous at times, but he never really changed the label he was given by Paul Mariner - a one-in-six player. Can he do it in 2014? He's certainly got the tools to do so.

PS: Reggie, if you're reading this - rematch. I have a PlayStation 4 and FIFA 14 now. Bring it!

Duncan: 20. Plenty of people said he was playing well defensively this year, and presumably Ryan Nelsen saw that too if he kept playing him, but he had minimal impact going forward. I remember thinking Lambe had a decent game today once, after an early home game, I think it was this one vs LA. Maybe it was against Houston, the team generally played well that day though i don't see him popping up in the highlights. Whichever it was, he didn't approach the proverbial one in six this season, so I was in no way sad to see him overtaken as a starter by Convey and Rey. I'd be equally in no way sad if he ends up leaving the team this season.

Anyway, here's his 1 assist of the year. Nice cross but only came after he gave the ball away to DC, who immediately gave it back. Against a competent team it never would have happened.

Dave: 16. Reginald Thompson Lambe. Not sure what to say about him as he did very little for me to be excited about this season. He was an okay winger at best but his turnover rate was too high even if he did finally start to show some desire to track back as the season progressed. Who would have thought that Lambe would outlast Bostock and Ephraim when this season started.

James: 20. Loved his work-rate early in the season, but then it dropped off and he became a liability defensively & did not contribute going forward - if he finds consistency can be a player.

Kristin: 17. Holder of some world class blackmail photos/videos - or at least you have to hope it's something like that otherwise I'm at a loss for his continuing inclusion in the first team. Poor field sense, doesn't understand defending most of the time and well - generally just frustrating to watch. Enthusiastic - yes. But needs to sit or just take his indecipherable tweeting elsewhere.

Angus Chung: The perenially frustrating Reggie Lambe. If we are to be generous, there is some potential in him to be a decent winger; he has the speed, and at times the ball skills to bomb down the wings and wreck havoc on a sleeping defense. That said for this season, 1 in 6 is probably a bit kind for Reggie. Being one of the higher earners on the team, he simply no longer is worth the cost-value trade-off. I like Reggie, but I think it's time to let him go. (This may also bring an end to the at times stream of Bermudans linked to the club).

Bruce Harding. The 1 in 6 player has turned into about in 1 in 34. Not sure why he is still here, only so high(14) due to amount played really.

David Kent: Don't get it,why is he here

Ferantez. He ca, play, but not when it counts…. He can't play in the final third… he'll do the hard stuff in the centre of the field and then He'll miss a shot or pass in or around the box… seen it too many times.

JD: Get the mint sauce ready, 'cause this Lambe should be done! The only reason he's this high on my list (21) is because of the number of minutes he got this season (no idea how he has pulled that off).

Jon Spratt: Improved the defensive side of his game and proved a bit of a pest, but any flashes of an offensive game he demonstrated in 2012 disappeared.

Josh Mote: Would've ranked him higher(19) if he didn't suck so much.

Mark_HSV: He played a lot, but no one really knows why…no goals, 1 assist, only 11 shots. 6th highest in minutes played on the club. Huh???

Michaelvee: Lambe was continually highlighted during TV telecasts as bringing some sort of defensive work rate that was going to help close out games. Lambe is young, on decent money, and isn't entirely a waste of space. He gets less bearable when you follow him on twitter.

Mweezy: Please don't start next year, please stop taking the spot from people who know what they're doing

Prizby: Ranking (17) sheerly to do with having more games under his belt; scored less, assisted less, played less; hard to see how he stays here much longer as an international, thought he was faster last year too.

Red Wine Roz: Seriously, he needs to go.

Robert Snider: Annoying - and just when I'm completely fed up he has a sort of decent game. The 1 in 6 was dead on.

Schtevetown: If he never has aspirations to earn more than 70K a year, he could stick in MLS

The Yorkies: How is this guy still a thing? A 1 in 60 player.

Tyler: All comments that have been made about Lambe in the past and everyone already knows, still prove to be true.

Yohan: 2 full MLS seasons and have yet to show consistency. He's got more tools than typical NCAA graduate winger, but his mental game needs to be tougher. Nelsen rates him and he is still young, but next season, he needs to prove he's at least good depth winger in MLS.

Number 19: Gale Agbossoumonde

Number 21: Kyle Bekker

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