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Toronto FC 2013 Top 36 Countdown: Number 17 - Jeremy Brockie

Hard working, smart running, defence pressuring, chance creating forward. Sadly, not a goal scoring one. At 17, it's Jeremy Brockie.

Sadly we didn't get to see too much of this sort of thing
Sadly we didn't get to see too much of this sort of thing
Stephanie Gunther Photography

Average Ranking: 17.51
Highest Ranking: 9
Lowest Ranking: 27

Duncan: 15 Every word in this sentence contains a different link to Brockie missing a chance.

It's a mean thing to do, at least he was getting shots off, many of them created by his own hustle, or by smart runs, and a few them should really be considered good saves rather than poor misses, but nothing sums up Brockie's stay here better than that.

He arrived in May just before the window slammed shut, on loan from Wellington Phoenix, the TFC of the A league, foreign imposters who aren't very good. He'd scored 16 goals in 24 games for them, that sounded good. he'd also played over 30 New Zealand games without scoring once, that didn't sound so good.

He made his debut as a sub against Columbus, missing a chance to equalise right at the death. He got a start the next week in New England, his pressure of the defence causing a mistake in the first minute but he couldn't bury the chance. A few more sub appearances followed, including a brief 25 minutes against Philadelphia where he set up a lovely diving header from Jonathan Osorio, before being subbed himself for Danny Koevermans, which didn't end well.

Eventually with Robert Earnshaw injured and Koevermans never quite getting to fit, Brockie became a regular starter until he departed back to New Zealand in August, sometimes paired with Andrew Wiedeman up top, occasionally with Justin Braun, a partrnership that was never ever going to earn the 'Killer B's' nickname.

He was a good player, hard working, smart running, causing lots of problems and creating chances for himself and others, he was the type who easily appealed to supporters but just couldn't score, a true Kiwi Chad Barrett, a fact delightfully illustrated in his last home game. Trailing 2-1 in injury time to Seattle, he beat the offside trap and was through on goal, the fairytale ending was right there but the chance was saved.

He ended up with over 1,000 minutes played over 15 appearances, getting 31 shots off, 12 of them on target (so, so sadly, that was good enough for 2nd on the team in both categories, one of only 2 players to hit double digits in shots on goal. ugh).

He did of course score one goal, against Montreal, I've included the full game in 6 here as he also gets an assist on Caldwell's goal and hits the post at the end of the game, lovely knee slide as well.

He left to go back to Wellington, with nothing but good things to say about Toronto, and talking about how he'd love to come back. Will that happen? Well, given all the talk of the big name DP's coming in (what, that's totally happening, no way those plans will fall through, no siree bob!), you've got to think he'd be way down the depth chart if he did come back so I think it's unlikely. But, back in New Zealand, he already has 2 goals this season for Wellington, though he has continued his goalless streak for the All Whites, now at 41 games, including missing a penalty a few days ago against Mexico. At least he can see the funny side of that stat.

Dave: 17. The worst finisher to play for TFC since Chad Barrett! I kid for the most part about that but he was frustrating to watch as he did all of the hard work but often messed things up at the easy part where all he had to do was hit the back of the net. He was the kind of hard working player a lot of TFC fans seem to fall for but his lack of scoring was just frustrating.

Armen: 21. Brockie came into the club as a favour to Ryan Nelsen but left it a fan-favourite. Go check out what Wellington fans did during his last interview!

James: 15. Industrious, good-natured, finishing left a little to be desired - he came in for a loan and had an impact, quickly adapting to MLS - would gladly have him back permanently, for the right figure.

Kristin: 10. Best workrate, worst score rate? I know that he lights up the A-League but to only score one goal here? Bust. Wait, why have I rated him this high? Because at least he tried. Yep, that's all you need to do - try and you make the top 10. TFC 2013 in a nutshell. See you next season Jeremy when you make your triumphant return.

a_miller16: Can't fault him for his hussle and heart, and did have good things to say about TFC but he lacked the ability to finish on many occasions.

Bruce Harding. Meh. A lot of people liked him, not sure why. Worked hard but that is it. Should of scored a lot more.

FerantezToo expensive… missed too many goals… Maybe if he was given more time he would have gelled… but he had no one to gel with up top.

Ignirtoq: #MLSbetterThanA-League

Izaac: WEAKEST!!!! What a waste of time he had here. Looked good did nothing but waste playing time for others.

JD: Had some ok moments, but really just another line on the long list of failed loans in 2013.

Josh Mote: On sheer heart alone he's in my 10.

Killinghurst: Great movement on and off the ball, but absolutely no finishing ability (with the exception of one goal).

Mark_HSV: Let's face it, he was kind of a bust. Had a couple of moments but really didn't produce much. Seemed like a nice guy though and the kiwi accent was fun to have around.

Michaelvee: Brockie's loan spell was, in my view, the most successful of any this season. He's just not that great. He needs really creative players behind him to get him into can't miss situations. Without that he's essentially Chad Barrett mark 2, as some TFC writers were keen to point out this season.

Prizby: Nice little loan pick up; had a couple of nice crosses; a nice goal, but couldn't really replicate his A-League scoring; overall nice guy, hard worker, and it was nice to get a taste of Brocks here in Toronto; thanks for coming out and I hope you enjoyed your time here

Schtevetown: Spoke of the training 'paddock' (i.e. practice field) which endeared me to him. Kind of like forward equivalent of Terry Dunfield. The effort was certainly there.

Shel soccer Don: We were desperate for a striker this year. This is an example of it.

Spence Snell: Couldn't finish- but still managed to make things happen up front better than guys like Braun or Wiedeman could.

The Yorkies: Only ranked this high (13)due to spirit. His scoring record does not sell us on the A-League.

Tyler: Brockie falls into the same category as Braun. I couldn't wait for him to leave. He was more or less guranteed to miss every opportunity he had. He did however, make a few good plays out of nothing.

Yohan: Jeremy Brockie is a bit of an enigma who played for few months while on loan from Wellington in A League. He showed ability to be a good striker with some instinctive first touch passes to connect with a teammate unseen since days of Dichio, and could whip in a good cross. Unfortunately he left his finishing at Wellington, despite having enough chances, he only scored one goal. (though he made Nesta look foolish on that one) Now back with Wellington, he's started his season well, scoring a goal in 2 appearances.

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