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Canada vs Mexico: Game Thread

Another friendly for John Herdman's side, this time taking on Mexico at BC Place.

Canada v Mexico in BC Place. good times.
Canada v Mexico in BC Place. good times.
Rich Lam

Canada vs Mexico
BC Place, 4pm Eastern
Sportsnet One

One last time in 2013 (or maybe not, there's a tournament in Brazil in December that seems to think Canada are going to be attending), Canada's women take to the pitch in the long series of friendlies that will lead up to the World Cup. The squad's about that you'd expect really, what with Kara Lang's place in the squad being more of a ceremonial one than anything, hopefully she'll be a part of the playing squad soon enough next year. There's all the usual veterans there to provide the competitive backbone of the team, Mcleod, Moscato, Sesselman, Wilkinson, Scott, Schmidt, Matheson, Sinclair will all be out there, and really that should be enough to ensure a result against the Mexicans.

Also, as regularly seems to be the case now there's a few younger players mixed in, with an eye to next year's U20 world Cup and if they can do particularly well, maybe 2015 as well who knows. So we have Sura Yekka again after a recent debut that showed some still very raw potential. Also Rachel Melhado, Kylla Sjoman and Selenia Iacchelli (though she's not exactly a young 'un.) who could all see playing time to get some valuable experience.

The other note of interest of course will be the attendance which, good or bad, will probably be used either way to fuel regional rivalries/pettiness. Will Vancouver's shoulder chip get polished or tarnished by today's crowd? I guess we'll see.

Anyway, we''ll have lineups when they hit twitter, chat and commentary throughout that game as well, please  join us. until then, Canada vs Mexico? BC Place? that sounds familiar. We're heading to Looooooon-doooooon! (well, Coventry and Newcastle but you get the idea.)