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Koevermans, Thomas Released, Toronto FC draft no-one in Waiver Draft

The MLS Waiver draft came and went today with very little activity. Only two players were picked, neither by TFC

Sigh. So long Danny
Sigh. So long Danny
Bob Levey

Toronto FC announced...well they didn't announce anything. In what some might call the worst waiver release in the world, there was nothing on their twitter or website, no press releases emailed out, two names just quietly showed up on the list released by MLS before the Waiver draft took place this afternoon.

One of them was no surprise at all, everyone knew Danny Koevermans wasn't coming back (wonder if Ryan Nelsen ever got around to letting him know) and his was one of the two names out there. There's not much else to say about Koevermans really, pretty much everything since his injury last July has been one big 'what might have been' sigh.  This feels like an appropriately low key and sad way for it to all officially end. Best of luck to him back in the Netherlands.

The other name wasn't really that much of a surprise, unless you'd forgotten he was even part of TFC in the first place. Michael Thomas, acquired this summer from Sporting Kansas City for a 2nd round SuperDraft pick, touted by Kevin Payne as"...versatile and athletic and will be an important part of TFC for some years to come."  He played 12 minutes and then never came near the pitch again. and for that, and a tiny amount of cap space saved we had to get rid of Terry Dunfield?  Pah.

Anyway, Thomas and Koevermans were up for grabs, along with the dregs of every other team's barrels, and no-one really wanted to do much scraping.

MLS pool goalie Brad Stuver was picked up by Columbus, and Paolo DelPiccolo (despite his name being about as Italian as it's possible to sound) was cast off by Montreal and picked up by New England.

The other players are now available to any club on a first come first served (and presumably pay as little as you want) basis to all other teams.

Now that doesn't mean that TFC are happy with everyone else and keeping them around, these were just the players that didn't qualify for the re-entry draft (rules here, I can't be bothered to try and figure it out really, it's MLS, just roll with it.) which will be coming up in December sometime and when you can actually expect some action.  We should apparently be learning soon which players TFC will make available for that one.