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Report: Jermain Defoe agrees to join Toronto FC in January

The Daily Mirror is reporting that Jermain Defoe has agreed to come to Toronto, for the start of next season.

Come on Wazza, don't be like that, it's 90k a week, what was I supposed to say?
Come on Wazza, don't be like that, it's 90k a week, what was I supposed to say?
Shaun Botterill

It's been a big day in the grand TFC DP striker sweepstakes. First up was an Italian newspaper, La Republicca, saying Genoa will sell Alberto Gilardino in January for about $9.5M.

The English media wasn't taking that lying down, as the Daily Mirror is now saying that Tottenham have agreed to sell Jermain Defoe, AND Defoe has agreed to it as well.

This deal is apparently a £6M transfer fee, curiously enough again roughly $9.5M, and also goes as to far to mention his wages, suggesting £90k/week was what was needed to take TFC above West ham and QPR in the bidding war. Which would work out to be £4.68M/year, or about $7m a year, which is frankly a bit crazy, but I guess if that's what it takes. In the same article, they break that down a bit, saying that TFC will be matching his current Tottenham wage of £67k/week then topping it off with bonuses, so hopefully that 90k means an MLS Cup and Golden boot or two (more realistically, it means shirt sales doesn't it?).  They also suggest Defoe would be staying at Tottenham until March, then heading over here for the start of the MLS season.

After a quiet week or two, everything seems to be happening, though I'd take it all with a large pinch of salt at this stage, I have no idea about how reputable La Republicca is, but the Mirror is one of those untrustworthy British tabloids so who knows really. Wouldn't surprise me if Big Tim has let it slip that TFC has agreed a $9.5M dollar transfer with an international striker, without specifying anything and the different newspapers have decided to add it to their own rumours and run with it in whichever direction suits their readership best.  Leiweke said we'd hear something within a month so I guess we'll see eventually see how it all works out.

Anyway, that's the latest, click on the link to the Mirror, if only for their preposterous photoshop work, they've got Defoe in a Mounties costume in front of a Canadian flag. To which I say, really Mirror, really?  Is that the best, most current, topical Toronto reference you can come up with?  I mean come on, this is Toronto, we're all about the crack these days. So WTR readers, I throw the gauntlet to you, cos I'm hopeless at this technology thing. Photoshop Defoe into a good Rob Ford photo, whether that photo in front of the (not a) crack house, his council drunk driving mime, something from his murder rant video, maybe a St Patricks day photo, or anything else you can think of, post it in the comments section. Let's come up with something a bit more representative of modern day Toronto.