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Genoa accept Toronto FC's offer for Alberto Gilardino.

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According to reports, an agreement has been reached between the clubs, now it's up to Gilardino if he wants to join up.

Alberto's got a lot of thinking to do in the next few days.
Alberto's got a lot of thinking to do in the next few days.
Claudio Villa

Gianluca Di Marzio seems to be the man in charge of breaking all the updates in TFC's pursuit of Gilardino, and today we got a further update that suggests the deal is getting closer.

The last we heard, TFC had offered $5m as a transfer fee, now Di Marzio says the amount is 6 million, presumably still in dollars, and that was enough for Genoa to accept the offer.  So that's one hurdle cleared, though the report does say that Gilardino would stay with Genoa until the end of this season, which is less than ideal.

Now it's up to Gilardino to decide if he wants to make the trip over here, and Di Marzio mentions a 4 year deal at 3 million per year, not sure if that's euros or dollars, but either way it's a significant investment and a big risk given how old Gilardino will be 4 years from now.