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WTR's End of Season MLS awards

Some of the Waking the Red writers offer their two cents on a number of different end of season MLS awards. We tackle the biggest honours available for the 2013 MLS campaign.

Reigning MVP with his prize.
Reigning MVP with his prize.
Harry How

The MLS season is over, the award votes have been cast, and soon MLS will be handing out their annual hardware. Here at Waking the Red we have our own opinions on just who should win the awards this season as we cover some of the biggest prizes available for the 2013 MLS season.


David - 1st: Mike Magee. "Magic Mike was the only reason that the Chicago Fire were even near a playoff position this season. If DeRo was able to win the MVP on a team that did not make the playoffs than there is no reason that Magee should not win the award this season. Simply put no one player was more important to his squad than Magee was to the Fire this year.

2nd: Will Johnson. "Some would suggest that Johnson was not even the MVP of the Portland Timbers this season but despite the great numbers that Diego Valeri put up this year it was Johnson who made the Timbers tick. He was a key ball winner and a key contributor to the attack. His addition to the team had more to do with the Timber's rise up the Western Conference than any other single player.

Duncan - 1st: Mike Magee. "Obvious vote is obvious, and you could argue his missed penalty against Montreal cost them the playoffs, but you can't argue with the difference between Chicago pre and post Magee."

2nd: Marco di Viao. "I know, eeeewwww, but he had a very good year, just beats out Robbie Keane and will Johnson."

James - 1st: Mike Magee. "Magee deserves this award, even if he couldn't push his team into the playoffs - recall, his opening day hat-trick was in some ways a factor of their not making it."

2nd: Tim Cahill. "Cahill provided the perfect complement to Henry's flittering grace with his steely determination."

Best Defender:

David - 1st: Matt Besler. "He did miss a number of games but that does not stop him from being the most important defender in the league's top defence. The knock on Besler is that SKC did not exactly struggle during the games that he was missing for National Team duty but still hard to overlook his numbers with a lack of a single standout candidate"

2nd: Jamison Olave. "Considering some of the defenders that Olave had around him this season he did well to anchor the Red Bulls back-line. Olave proved to be a great pickup for them this offseason and his overall play is a big part of them winning the shield. Probably would have finished first on my vote is not for the fact that he made some really head scratching mistakes at times this year.

Duncan - 1st: Jose Goncalves, 2nd:Matt Besler

James - 1st: Jose Goncalves. "New England's defense was strong last season too, but Goncalves' cool head established a platform upon which they could build that lightning attack - not every team can afford to let five players attack freely."

2nd: Jamison Olave. "Olave, when fit, is still a force at the back - and chipped in more than a few goals."

Newcomer of the Year:

David - 1st: Diego Valeri. "His numbers in Portland are impossible to look past. The goals and assists both came quite regularly and some of them were quite stunning. The Timbers had a balanced attack all year with a lot of contributors but none more important than Valeri."

2nd: Jose Goncalves. "I really want to type Matias Laba for this vote but his lack of games was the real thing stopping him. So instead I had to go with Goncalves who did a lot of good for the Revs this season despite having to work with a lot of young players around him."

Duncan - 1st: Diego Valeri, 2nd: Jose Goncalves

James - 1st: Diego Valeri. "If Portland wasn't so varied in their attack, Valeri would have been MVP, as such he is the first-piece among many."

2nd: Clint Irwin. "Irwin, straight out of the lower leagues, was the story of the season - hands down."

Rookie of the Year:

David - 1st: Dillon Powers. "I was sitting on the fence about this vote and then I saw the Rapids play two games without Powers at the end of the season. It reinforced just how important he was to their season and despite lacking the flashy numbers of his teammate Brown he was the engine that made his team go."

2nd: Andrew Farrell. "There are certainly some holes left in his game and he often relied on Goncalves to cover for him but considering he was playing a position he was not that familiar with all year long he did quite a good job. Hard to come in and be a solid defender in your first season but that is what the #1 draft pick did for the Revs this year."

Duncan - 1st: Dillon Powers, 2nd: Deandre Yedlin

James - 1st: Dillon Powers, 2nd: Deshorn Brown. "Bossing the midfield is much harder than finishing off an attack - not that scoring is easy - both Rapids rookies played vital roles in their success and kept more experienced starting off the pitch for large chunks of the season."

Best Goalkeeper:

David - Nick Rimando: "Just look at how Real Salt Lake did without him in goal. He is the difference maker for that team and they play with a lot more confidence when he is behind them and that changes everything. Plus he is really good at making saves."

Duncan - Clint Irwin: "If only to avoid yet another too obvious pick, CSL baby!"

James - Donovan Ricketts: "Navigated a constantly revolving stream of defenders in front of him, repeatedly came up big when called upon."

Coach of the Year:

David - Oscar Pereja: "I considered Petke and Porter like everyone else but I think getting into the playoffs with such a young team and dealing with so many injuries is too good to overlook. Plus, I like to be different"

Duncan - Caleb Porter

James - Caleb Porter: "What can one say about the success he has found this season - everything he promised, and more."

Goal of the Year:

David - Javier Morales against the Portland Timbers

Duncan - Valeri against New York Red Bulls

James (Who can't follow instructions and decided to pick 3 goals) -

Valeri against the Chicago Fire

Sporting Kansas City against Toronto FC

Jair Benitez against Vancouver Whitecaps