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Toronto FC 2013 Top 36 Countdown: Number 35 - Taylor Morgan

Big, English, didn't really do much at all. At 35 it's Taylor Morgan

Morgan in preseason, about to score a goal.
Morgan in preseason, about to score a goal.
Al Messerschmidt

Average Rank: 33.82
Highest rank: 30
Lowest rank: 36

Dave: 36. Taylor Morgan is making a bit of a name for himself in recent months playing with Östersunds FK in Sweden's second division. The big, English forward has gotten his name on the score sheet a number of times in recent weeks helping to keep his team away from the relegation zone.

Before moving to Sweden, T. Morgan made a brief stop over in Toronto. He was drafted by TFC in the fourth round of the 2013 MLS Supplemental Draft and made a solid showing during the team's preseason tournament down at Disney. He did enough to earn himself a contract with the team which was probably half due to how he played in preseason and half due to the total lack of other options the club had at the start of the season. Problem for Morgan was the fact that having been born in Southampton he took up an international roster slot and really did not offer a whole lot more than his 6'5" frame.

His lone appearance for TFC came off the bench in the season opening defeat to the Vancouver Whitecaps. The George Mason University product managed to play just 15 minutes of the game and had little impact as TFC lost 1-0 to open their season.

Having been signed by the club on March 1st and making his debut on March 2nd things seemed to be going well for T.Morgan but as the reinforcements began to arrive in the form of loan players he quickly dropped out of the reckoning and even substitute appearances failed to happen, not even in the Voyageurs Cup.

On May 14th the club finally decided that it would be best to cut ties with T.Morgan to make his roster slot available. He was released on the same day as fellow Supplemental Draft selection, and countdown bottom dweller, Ashton Bennett.

In the end, T.Morgan was little more than roster filler at a time when the club was just desperate for warm bodies. At least things seem to be going well for him over in Sweden now.

Duncan: 33. His TFC fate was forever tied to Ashton Bennett. Both drafted in the supplemental draft, both impressed enough in pre season (which Morgan charmingly referred to as 'really intense, but at the same time really enjoyable') to get a desperation signing, on the same day no less, and ultimately both were releases on the same day, leading to many 'TFC release Ashton Morgan!' jokes, I'm sure there's a Taylor Bennett out there who feels hard done by. Morgan played one game. Here's his chalkboard. 2 successful passes, 2 unsuccessful passes, 2 tackled and possession lost, 1 foul conceded, 1 interception and 1 recovery. He doesn't seem to appear in the highlights. Not the stuff dreams are made of but his memory lived on throughout the season every time we saw A.Morgan on a jersey.

Armen:34. This team wasn't big enough for two Morgans - Toronto FC picked the better of the pair and this player didn't stick.

James:34. Always feel bad for these lower draft picks, brought in, poked, prodded, then released - glad to see he's scoring wherever he is.

Kristin:35.Like Bennett seemed nice enough, but we'd already filled our Morgan quota and he was a waste of an international spot.

Bruce Harding.1 game. Never seen again.


Izaac:Why?? Who??

Killinghurst:He played 3x more minutes as a supplementary draft pick and international roster spot than Welshman played as a first round pick.

Michaelvee: A victim of MLS roster rules, Morgan was out early without showing what he could offer. He's found limited success in Sweden since being waived, so he's come out ahead, really.

Prizby:Had a good pre-season, showed well, came off the bench and didn't look too out of place for a 4th round supplemental draft pick in the season opener against Vancouver; then all the loanee's came and Morgan was cut in May and now plys his trade in the 2nd division in Sweden where he's a goal every 3 appearances

Red Wine Roz: The reason the real Morgan had to get new shirts

The Yorkies: Very, very, very poor man's Peter Crouch.

Tim: I barely even remember him.

Yohan:I'd like to see what Taylor Morgan can do, because not often you get 6'5" striker who is a former track and field guy. So, he's a bit of a freak soccer player wise. He seemed to have found a job with Östersunds FK in Swedish 2nd div where he scored 5 goals in 9 appearances. So if not for his int spot...?

Number 34: Michael Thomas

Number 36: Ashton Bennett

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