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Toronto FC 2013 Top 36 Countdown: Number 34 - Michael Thomas

The younger, cheaper version of Terry Dunfield (but without the sexy tassels), Michael Thomas would be difficult for any TFC supporter to pick out of a line up. Welcome to No. 34.

The guy in red plays for TFC. Really. We swear!
The guy in red plays for TFC. Really. We swear!
John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Spo

Average Rank: 33.36
Highest Rank: 23
Lowest Rank: 36

Kristin: 34 What is there to say about Michael Thomas (I really want to put Philip in front of his name)? He umm, well he did play not once, but twice for Toronto this season! It's true! Thomas was a mid-season pick up from SKC that seemed like a likely replacement for recently departed Terry Dunfield. He was touted by TFC management (OK, by Kevin Payne so there's the issue), as a player that the team had been watching and expected to be part of their youthful core going forward: "Michael is a solid player who our coaches have had their eye on for some time," said Toronto FC President and General Manager Kevin Payne. "He's versatile and athletic and will be an important part of TFC for some years to come." ...yeah, that didn't really happen now did it?

Thomas played 12 minutes as a late game sub for Matias Laba in the 3-0 blowout against Sporting KC (of course), and at least half of the friendly against AS Roma. After that he disappeared. OK, not really but I struggle to come up with even a single time that he was even named to the subs bench - although in reality he was an unused sub multiple times. Thomas also played a number of times in the reserve league games both as a starter and a sub. Scintillating stuff, right folks?

It's another puzzling situation - is Thomas really so bad in training (as that is apparently the barometer for everything) that he didn't warrant even a single game past those few minutes a week after he signed? Especially when TFC gave up a 2nd round SuperDraft pick for him. Or is it just another case of Payne picking a player that Ryan Nelsen wanted nothing to do with? I expect that he'll still be with the team next season as he costs next to nothing and who knows, maybe they'll convert him into a forward. Hey, stranger things have happened - remember that time when Darel Russell played defense....

Realistically though, Toronto is not exactly deep in the midfield as was very clear when Laba went down with the injury. Thomas is still relatively young, he doesn't cost much and well, without seeing more of him of course it's hard to say what his other stellar attributes are; but I'm sure they exist! In the meantime let's leave you with the man himself in the sole bit of video I could find.

Duncan: 36 Well, he's cheaper than Terry Dunfield, and younger and if all he's going to do is stay on the bench then I guess that's all we need. But a 2nd round SuperDraft pick? You'd hope for a bit more from that. He made one appearance, which i greeted in the game thread with: "michael thomas. on for laba, sure why not. save laba for weds. human accepting defeat cigar."

It was a relatively productive 12 minutes, 6 successful passes, 2 recoveries and just the one tackled and possession lost, but then he never played again. Another Payne pick that Nelsen didn't like? I'd say he's 5th, maybe 6th in line for those 2 central midfield positions, will he be back next year? It's a good thing he's cheap.

Dave: 33 What to say about a player who I basically never remember seeing play. At least he does not stand out for anything bad?

Armen: 30. Not much to say about Michael Thomas, is there? Watch him burst into the scene next year and give Ozzy Alonso a run for his money in midfield!

James: 34 need to see more to know what to make of him, a solid lineup guy, could be more if given a chance

Bruce Harding. Another cracking bit of business.

Elusivecart: He played this year?

Henry for PM: who???

Ignirtoq: #LivingInDonJohnsonsShadow

Izaac: who?? What?? Where?? Where?? Who??

JD: I must have been refilling my drink during the 12 minutes that he played this season because I have no recollection of him.

Killinghurst: I have absolutely no idea what Michael Thomas looks like.

Michaelvee: I checked the stats, and apparently Michael Thomas played for us. I don't remember it, or what sort of influence he had. So there's that.

Prizby: Like Taylor Morgan and Ashton Bennett, we didn't see much of Michael Thomas. Not much to rate here other than he has stuck it out on the roster and might be some key depth if we make our way back to CCL.

Red Wine Roz: I have absolutely no idea who this is.

The Yorkies: Literally… "Who are ya?"

Yohan: Supposedly another utility midfielder, I don't know much about him, but if he can't beat Hall or Russell for a spot, he can't be worth much keeping around.

Number 33: Emery Welshman

Number 35: Taylor Morgan

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