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Toronto FC 2013 Top 36 Countdown: Number 33 - Emery Welshman

One of the two players Kevin Payne really wanted at the draft, and we also got a ton of funny money. Steal! Ryan Nelsen didn't really seem to think so though. At number 33, it's Emery Welshman.

Started at the bottom (of the first round), and it all went downhill from there.
Started at the bottom (of the first round), and it all went downhill from there.
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Average Rank: 31.43
Highest Rank: 25
Lowest Rank: 36

Dave: 33. When Toronto FC and Kevin Payne headed home from the 2013 MLS SuperDraft they appeared to be doing so as winners. The consensus opinions seems to have been that the club not only got a truck load of allocation money for trading back a number of times but they also got two quality players in Kyle Bekker and Emery Welshman. It certainly didn't hurt that both players were also local boys who had existing connections to the club and for whom it would feel like a home coming.

For Welshman, being selected 16th overall by Toronto FC was a real homecoming as it allowed him to move back in with his family and play for a club that he had watched live a number of times as a teenager before heading off to Oregon State for college.

There were some questions raised about Welshman when the club drafted him but at the time it was clear that Toronto needed help at forward and he was seemingly one of the better options left on the board at that time. Toronto could have traded down one less time and potentially come away with a forward who could have contributed more this season but as I wrote on draft day taking Welshman 16th overall was not really a reach.

The year began with the club talking up the potential of Welshman and suggesting that he was a player that they felt they really wanted to come away from the draft with but that never really translated into playing time for the Canadian attacker. In fact, his only 5 minutes of MLS play this season came all the way back in the opener against the Vancouver Whitecaps.

Welshman did manage to get one start this year which came in the first leg of the Voyageurs Cup semifinal against Montreal he went the full 90 minutes in that match playing alongside Justin Braun and Andrew Weideman in the attack, helping TFC to a 2-0 win. He was dropped to the bench for the return leg though and never saw the field in that game none of us want to talk about.

For a player who was so hyped up to fans at the draft and during the preseason Welshman did not really live up to all that promise. He only saw 95 minutes of playing time all season and routinely missed out on even a place on the bench. Even with the club struggling to score goals it was clear that Ryan Nelsen had no interest in turning to the young Canadian as a potential solution and preferred to keep going with the veterans who were not producing.

Welshman is still with the club despite his lack of minutes and he does have the fact that he is Canadian and on a fairly low salary on his side. Still, it will be interesting to see what comes of Welshman in the coming months and if TFC still feel that he is worth keeping around and actually giving a chance at some minutes next season. If they do keep him around hopefully he will make more than just two appearances next season and fans will actually get to see if he can live up to any of the praise that Payne and Nelsen heaped on him back in the spring.

Duncan: 32 If Kyle Bekker played himself out of Nelsen's plans, it seems like Welshman was just never in them to start with. Got to think if he'd been around to take part in the whole draft and pre draft scouting then he probably wouldn't have picked him. Good advert for the need for a proper reserve league, or a minor league team to loan him out to.

Armen: 33. A bit of a zero-year for Welshman. Enjoyed the reserve games, though. Still one for the future.

James: 33. For a draft that was hailed as a massive success, very little came out of it, needs some more time to season & strengthen - did well for the reserves

Kristin: 31 One of the players that they absolutely had to have in the draft. So much that they dropped spots, took allocation moneyz and proclaimed themselves victorious at not only grabbing a well thought of player but a Canadian to boot! And yet he's barely played so his impact, development track and future are hard to rate. Hope he gets loaned out next season to get minutes and hone his skills, cause we all know how much TFC needs someone to score goals.

Angus Chung: Part 2 of what was supposed to be our vaunted 2013 draft class. Yeah, that did not turn out too well

Bruce Harding: Terrible draft pick, needs to be cut or at least loaned out.

Ferantez:.I have him this high (25)with the notion he might be a prospect…. But somehow I don't think he will pan out… I hope I'm wrong. But this draft pick was a big blunder by Kevin Pain…. If he wasn't able to get minutes considering how bad our attack was this year, I don't think he will be around next year.

Henry for PM: Useful for training purposes I guess

Ignirtoq: #draftPickWho

JD: We need a USL / NASL affiliate ASAP.

Killinghurst: Showed next to nothing in any of the games he played (with the exception of the reserve league)

Michaelvee: Emery Welshman will probably play for TFC at some point. He's fast and can be made into a good player, given time. We saw 5 minutes of him this year, and he nabbed a couple goals in reserve games when given the opportunity. We'll see where he ends up.

Prizby: Another one of our 1 game wonders, which begs the question, why did we spurn a 1st round pick on Mr. Welshman? Not sure what type of shot he is going to get with all these DP strikers coming in and such, but he does have some good attacking ability and speed and wouldn't he make just a great RB to replace Ecks and share time with Bloom; making a switch ala Lukasz Piszczek

Robert Snider: I think I saw him in a Reserves game against the RiverHounds. He was ok.

Shel soccer Don: 16th overall pick. Would anyone else have picked him at all is what I wonder?

The Yorkies: Drafted too high which created unreasonable local expectations.

Yohan: Seems to be a nice guy, but needs games at lower level to show what he can do. Got pace, but that's about all he has shown so far.

Number 32: Jonas Elmer

Number 34: Michael Thomas

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