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Toronto FC 2013 Top 36 Countdown: Number 31 - Logan Emory

He only played 3 games, but we got to see the full range of his game, from competent to disastrous. At number 31, it's Logan Emory

Cheer up Logan. At least that one wasn't your fault.
Cheer up Logan. At least that one wasn't your fault.

Average Rank: 29.25
Highest rank: 22
Lowest rank: 34

Duncan: 25 There's a certain class of player over the years that I've latched on to and championed. Ok players, good honest triers, who aren't quite good enough to fully establish themselves, and who do enough things wrong to make people unreasonably hate them, to include a dismissive fucking as a middle name. I'll take that on and use that same name in a good way. Chad Fucking Barrett is probably the first and the one I care about the most to this day, Terry Fucking Dunfield is another and I briefly flirted with Ty Fucking Harden. Yes, the dog may be cross eyed or the cat may have scratched himself a large bald spot on his neck, but they still do the basics of being a dog or a cat very well. I want them to do well, to help the team but if I'm being honest more as a fuck you to the haters. When they do do well I couldn't be happier, when Chad scored twice against Chicago, I was giddy, the special kid in school had got an A, that he actually deserved.

Anyway, for a brief moment, I thought Logan Emory might well fill that role in 2013. I like Emory. Yes, he has occasional catastrophic moments and that's what people remembered from 2012, but he has some good moments and plenty of general competence as well. And so it was when he made his debut against Houston this year, amid general ughing and wtfing when lineups were announced, playing at left back in place of the suspended Ashtone Morgan, I really wanted him to do well. And he did, much to the bemusement of my wife beside me, the game was full of defiant LOGAN FUCKING EMORY! shouts from me as he made several good challenges, clearances or passes, he was a big part of TFC taking a clean sheet to the 89th minute.

Unfortunately he got injured, a defensive reshuffle was required, Doneil Henry was brought into play right back, Ryan Richter was moved over to cover for Emory at left back. Deep in injury time, Henry made a bad pass starting a Houston move, Richter missed a header and then Darren O'Dea gave away a terrible corner that was defended horribly and Houston equalised at the death. The turning point was Emory's substitution, it had been fine until then.

He missed a few games, but Morgan didn't cover himself with glory in his absence, and so on May 4th he was back in the lineup against Colorado, and again, part of a defence that took a clean sheet into the late going.

And then.

Then he did this.

Not just fall over, not just gift the ball to Edson Buddle, but perfectly trap the ball, then fall over and leave Buddle with an easy easy chance. Sigh. He doesn't make it easy does he?

He did play a few days later against San Jose, there was nothing really outrageous from him in this one, though he got involved in some feistiness with Sam Cronin and in the second half getting an elbow from Martin Chavez. In the first half he got his only booking of the season, I'm not sure for what but his reaction when the ref is talking to him is priceless.

He was subbed off in that game and then always left out of the team due to injury. In the mean time, players were let go, new players were brought in, roster spots needed to be cleared for the summer transfer window and so finally, when he became healthy enough to cut (what I think is known as the Elbekay Bouchiba rule), he was. Harsh and ruthless with an equally terse 3 sentence official obit on the website.

You might say, that's the reality of a salary cap league, but to me the salary cap makes it a more confusing decision. He was cheap, he was generally competent and could cover 2 positions, for me that's the type of player that the back end of an mls roster should be built around. You'd hope he doesn't have to start often, but he's a decent backup option. I'm by no means weeping for Emory, he's not the sort of player who was ever going to be a difference maker, but why not stick with him, and others of a similar calibre, improve the squad by stability and familiarity, or at least improve TFC's reputation as a place that will give players a chance and treat them fairly.

Now he's in NASL with San Antonio. That's probably the right level for him really, I wish him all the best.

Dave: 31. I guess he spent some time injured or something and by the time he was back there was basically no place for him in the defense. Was never really an MLS calibre defender and is probably better suited to be back in NASL. Was an okay defender but quite limited in his abilities on and off the ball

Armen: 22. Logan Emory didn't deserve the cut, but he made one too many mistakes, it seems, and Toronto FC gave him the boot. Shame.

James: 31. One of several average players that have come through, if situation was right he could be useful, but can't rely on players still finding themselves in a lost side.

Kristin: 29. Screech! We hardly knew ye! Well, we wish that you'd never cut your hair because that was clearly the source of some of your dubious powers. Always an adventure in defense he had a couple of games where he almost looked good - but then reality set in. Could have been cheap bench depth but he's back at his natural level in the NASL with the Scorpions (rock you like a hurricane!).

Bruce Harding. Great guy, not a great player. Rightfully axed.

Ignirtoq: #stillScreechToMe

JD: Never really seemed to be MLS quality. Hopefully he finds his stride in NASL.

Michaelvee: Y'know, Emory's not bad. He's not exactly a showstopping centerback, but he was reasonably tidy in his limited minutes for TFC this year. Again, I'm glad he's gone, but he's not all bad.

Prizby: Always had a soft spot for Emory; I enjoyed his work effort and appreciated the shift he put in; I know others liked to queue in on a couple of noticeable errors, but felt he offered some good value depth

Red Wine Roz: Made some horrible plays as usual. Good riddance.

Robert Snider: it's a ball! Kick it don't fall over it. Maybe too harsh but never really took to him I guess because he did not get much time on field and in this regime he wasn't going to.

The Yorkies: Like NASL Samson, Screech lost what little power he had when the afro was chopped.

TimmerJ_75: Just not MLS quality!

Tyler: I'm not at all sad to see him gone.

Yohan: I thought Emory was good enough to keep around as depth CB/LB, but oh well. Now plays for San Antonio in NASL, which surprisingly has a lot of ex TFC players.

Number 30: Maximiliano Urruti

Number 32: Jonas Elmer

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