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2013 MLS Re-entry draft: Toronto FC targets

We break down the list of names available in the 2013 MLS Re-Entry Draft to find a list of players who could present interesting options for Toronto FC as they look to add quality MLS depth to their roster this winter.

This is how he works....
This is how he works....

We have seen the full list of 28 names that could be available for selection in Thursday's first stage of the re-entry draft.  Now we break down a list of names that could be interesting targets for Toronto FC.  For the most part they are players who will not be selected until the second stage but there is at least one potential first stage in our list of 8 quality players.

Sean Franklin: The 28-year-old has just the kind of resume that TFC should be looking for in players this offseason.  He has 160 MLS games under his belt, a lifetime of playoff experience from the LA Galaxy title runs, and even a single cap with the US National Team.  Franklin also fits into a position of need for TFC as he could slot into the role of starting right-back with no trouble.  The only real catch with Franklin is determining just what he is worth in this league.  It is hard to imagine a lot of teams considering him at his 2013 level which was $248,333.33 but if he was open to coming down to something closer to 150k teams around MLS would probably be lining up for his services and TFC should certainly be one of them.  Even at closer to 200k he is worth considering if the club can make it work under the cap.

Kevin Alston: If you are focused on bringing in someone who can provide quality at right-back and you can't afford Franklin then 2013 MLS Comeback Player of the Year, Kevin Alston, could be a suitable alternative.  His involvement with the New England Revolution was limited in 2013 as he made his way back to the field after a battle with leukaemia but as he got back in game shape he was again looking like a solid defender.  Alston is only 25 years old and has over 120 MLS games under his belt with the Revs having been drafted as a Generation Adidas player back in 2009.  His contract current contract is a more manageable $194,000.00 and with a small post-GA cut he would be a nice fit for a number of MLS teams including TFC.

Nana Attakora: If Toronto FC are open to bringing back former players this offseason then Attakora is a name to consider.  The Canadian has not had a whole lot of success since he left Toronto as he has been sidetracked by injuries and failed trips to Europe.  His salary is manageable at $61,665.00 but the question would be if he would be open to accepting a depth role as at this point he would not represent an upgrade on Doneil Henry.  If he is not comfortable coming back as number 3 or even 4 on the depth chart at CB he is not worth brining back.

Daniel Paladini: He is certainly not the flashiest name on the list but the Chicago Fire defensive midfielder would be a good option to fill the hole left by the departing Darel Russell.  Paladini is already on a very manageable salary of $91,103.25 and is used to coming off the bench having been used primarily in a substitute role for most of his career.  At 29-years-old he still has some miles left on the tires and would likely be happy in a backup role behind Matias Laba and Jeremy Hall on the depth chart.

Chris Rolfe: Another very experienced MLS player who still as something to offer.  Rolfe has played nearly 200 games for the Chicago Fire in his career but at 30 he may finally be set to play for a different MLS team.  The midfielder is capable of playing in the midfield or up top providing an attacking threat off the wing.  When he was at his best he was a US international but even with those days behind him he is still capable of being a solid wide player.  The issue with Rolfe is that he does not score enough goals anymore to justify his 2013 salary of $248,333.33.  A pay cut would have to be in order but even then he probably does not fit for TFC now that they have signed Jackson.

Dwayne De Rosario: Not much more to say about Canada and Toronto FC's all-time leading goal scorer.  If the club wants to bring him back to BMO Field it is going to come down to agreeing on a number that works for both parties.  If that happens then DeRo will once again be strutting his stuff in front of his hometown fans.  It is quite possible that such a deal could be completed without exposing DeRo to the re-entry process allowing TFC to focus on other targets.

Colin Clark: Things may not have gone Clark's way in recent seasons as he has spent a substantial amount of time sidelined through injuries.  In three of the last four seasons he has been limited by injuries but when he was healthy in 2011 he reminded fans why he was an important piece of the Houston Dynamo midfield.  The 29-year-old would be a bit of a gamble to select but if he can stay healthy he could be a solid contributor with a lot of MLS experience.

Steve Zakuani: By now anyone who watches videos on has had just about enough of how Zakuani works and how he plays.  Outside of that annoying commercial though, he has managed to put together a solid MLS career since being part of the original Seattle Sounders expansion team.  The problem is that after two solid seasons he has spent most of the last three years injured making just 22 league appearances in 3 years.  There is no way he is worth brining in on his current salary of $233,000.00 but he should be open to some sort of pay cut since that is what will be needed to keep him playing.  The tricky part is deciding how big of a risk he would be worth considering his injury history.

There are probably some more names on the list that are worth considering should they be available by the time that Toronto FC are selecting.  If I missed anyone that you think should have been included make your case in the comments.