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Dwayne De Rosario coming home to Toronto FC

The move had been speculated ever since Dwayne De Rosario parted ways with DC United but now it is one step closer to being official as Toronto FC have selected Dwayne De Rosario in the second stage of the Re-Entry Draft

Back in red!
Back in red!

Both stages of the Re-Entry draft are now in the books.  After five players were taken in the first stage last week the activity continued in Wednesday's second stage.  With a number of players finding new homes the biggest storyline coming out of the second stage surely belonged to Toronto FC.

For the first time in the history of the franchise a player is coming back to the club for a second stint.  The player also happens to be the club's all-time leading scorer, a huge fan favourite, and the 2011 MLS MVP.  That is right, Dwayne De Rosario is coming back to Toronto.

There will certainly be some among the fans at BMO Field who question this move considering that DeRo has not always come across as the best team player.  His infamous cheque signing celebration and the way he left last time will have some fans hesitant about bringing him back.

Those fans are not wrong to have questions about this move but the best reassurance is the fact that TFC have been working on this move for quite some time already.  They have had the chance to talk to De Rosario, figure out a contract, and determine if bringing him in would fit with their plans.  Through that process the 2011 MLS MVP must have done enough to show the club that he wanted to come back for all the right reasons.

The reasons why DeRo would want to come back to Toronto are quite clear.  He is a player who is aware of his legacy and he failed to achieve his goals the last time he was in Toronto.  He came to the city hoping to bring success to his hometown and retire in Toronto but that never happened for a number of reasons.  Now he is coming back again hoping to end his career on a high note by helping his local club finally turn the corner.

Rewriting the way things ended between DeRo and TFC would be good for both sides.  It is not a sure thing that it will all good better this time around but it seems to be a calculated risk on the part of the club.  If they can get a healthy DeRo willing to work within the team system and possibly take on a reduced role as the team's third scoring option this move could have a massive upside.

That upside is why you make the move in spite of all the potential question marks that come with bringing in a player like DeRo.  This could be a huge move for TFC one way or another but one thing is certain, it has the fan base buzzing.