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Merry Christmas from Waking the Red

Merry Christmas to all or readers from those of us here at Waking the Red

We got you some pretty ladies in santa outfits for a Christmas present
We got you some pretty ladies in santa outfits for a Christmas present

Things have been a bit quiet around TFC-land lately with the holiday season underway but that will almost certainly change early in January with a few more big roster moves on the horizon from the club. Hopefully you are all taking advantage of this quiet to spend some time with the loved ones and enjoy some time away from work.

On behalf of all of us here at Waking the Red I want to extend our warmest holiday wishes to all our regular readers and even those who just stop by occasionally. 2013 has been easily the best year this site has ever enjoyed and that is with out a doubt due to our readers and the regular commenters. So a big thank you to all of you for making this site one of the best places to come and talk about the team we all love. We look forward to continuing that next year with what will hopefully be a much better season.

We are sorry that we could not get you a Jermain Defoe for Christmas but you will have to take that up with Mr. Tim Leiweke. We ordered a Defoe to arrive just in time for Christmas thanks to a lovely 30 day delivery option that Big Tim said was available but you know how these things are, the mail is late.

So instead all you get is a Justin Morrow, Jackson, Gilberto, and the return of Dwayne De Rosario. I hope that is enough to keep you happy for now. Otherwise, hopefully you can find happiness in the rest of life outside of TFC.