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Toronto FC reportedly set to announce Jermain Defoe signing by end of next week

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According to the Daily Mail the drawn up process of trying to convince Jermain Defoe to make the move to MLS may finally be coming to a close with Toronto FC set to make the move official by the end of next week.

Ian Walton

Toronto FC seem set to kick of 2014 with a big bang.  It is nearly time for fans to actually start putting money towards their tickets for the next MLS season which means the clock is running short for the club to deliver on all of their promises to ensure that fans spend their money on the team once more.

The offseason has been solid so far but it has been missing that big piece to really grab the headlines.  After months of being linked to a variety of international soccer superstars from around the World the club look set to finally land their man.  In recent weeks it became clear that Jermain Defoe was the front runner to fill the club's final designated player slot with the likes of Alberto Gilardino serving as backup options.

There was plenty of speculation about whether the Defoe deal would actually get completed though as the process seemed to be dragging on without any resolution.  That resolution may well come in early January though as according to the Daily Mail the club will be announcing the capture of Defoe by the end of next week (January 10th).

While the Daily Mail is not always the most reliable source when it comes to news regarding transfers this latest update fits in with every thing that we already knew about the potential transfer.  The suggested timing of the announcement also falls in line with the fact that Tim Leiweke recently asked fans for patience when it became clear that he would have nothing to announce until early in 2014 at the soonest.

There is not much more in the report from the Mail though so it would be foolish to get too excited for now.  In fact, the article includes a picture of Robert Earnshaw and a caption suggesting that he would be a teammate of Defoe's in Toronto.  Always good to see that they have done their homework before writing a few hundred words.

No press conference has been called yet, no shirt has been held, and nothing is official.  The good news is that the deal seems to be very much alive at this point in time and moving towards the resolution that many TFC fans have been hoping for.

We will keep you updated on the story as it continues to develop but with the transfer window set to open at the start of January in many European countries the rumour mill is only going to get more heated.  It should be interesting to see if TFC are linked to any other signings or if Defoe will be the final international piece added to the puzzle prior to training camp.