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Toronto FC Acquire Jackson From FC Dallas

Let the wheeling and dealing begin! TFC's first foray into the off season rebuilding began this afternoon when they picked up speedy midfielder Jackson from FCD.

Wait. I'm going where?
Wait. I'm going where?
Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Hey guys! They signed someone! And he's Brazilian!! Now before you get too excited (and please, do try to settle down), no this isn't about Gilberto but (Action) Jackson from FC Dallas.  Word trickled out this afternoon that TFC parted with some of it's precious allocation money and a second round, 2015 Superdraft pick for the versatile midfielder.

As Toronto is likely not keeping Darel Russell around and is still negotiating with Bobby Convey, things are starting to look a little thin in the midfield (potential DeRo returns storylines notwithstanding).  The addition of a solid bit of back-up on the wing - OK, who am I kidding, it's TFC he'll likely start - is never a bad thing.  Jackson started 29 of the 30 games that he played last season scoring 3 goals - which would put him in good stead with TFC's 'scoring' unit.

Why is FCD willing to part ways with the young Brazilian? Well we can look to this quote from the piece on MLSSoccer:

"It's not that we came out and said we didn't want him anymore or Jackson saying he didn't want to be here, but it was maybe just the best time for us to move away from each other and see other opportunities," FCD technical director Fernando Clavijo told "As much as we valued him, everyone around the league valued him and we were able to get something substantial in the trade for him."

Hmm, seems mildly enthusiastic but clearly we're not getting a future star in Jackson.  But as a first piece in the Tim(s) and Nelsen era it could be worse.  Really the only thing that truly sticks out for me are the 2 red cards that Jackson received last season.  But then again if he is Russell's replacement those red cards have to come from somewhere!  So folks, what say you? Excited, indifferent, appalled? Let us know your thoughts on the newest Red in the comments.