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Eric Hassli To FC Dallas?

President Payne moves fast! Is disgruntled DP Hassli on his way to Dallas? Looks like TFC President Kevin Payne is giving Eric Hassli what he wants; a ticket out of town.

I'm taking my ball and I'm going to Dallas! (For which they'll send back more balls)
I'm taking my ball and I'm going to Dallas! (For which they'll send back more balls)
Jamie Sabau

Here we go kids - the first big move of the Nelsen/Payne era is about to happen. Just over a day after Kevin Payne spoke of the possibility of dumping one of TFC's bloated DP contracts, comes news from the official Dallas Twitter account that Eric Hassli will be heading to FC Dallas as soon as the ink is dry on a deal. This would be the second time that TFC have dumped, I mean fairly traded a DP to Dallas after famously sending Julian de Guzman there last summer.

There are very few out there that won't see the value in the team relieving itself of one of these contracts - it's apparent that more money is needed to rebuild this team with youth and talent in order to have the team progress in the coming seasons. And by trading Hassli this still gives the team the option to buy out one of the two remaining DP contracts should they so desire.

The big question is what is FC Dallas sending to Toronto in exchange for Les Miserable? Will we get more than the proverbial bag of balls? A little more of that sweet, sweet allocation money? Or perhaps the second best finisher in the modern era?

Either way this now puts even more pressure on Kevin Payne and Ryan Nelsen to find someone, anyone (OK, no warm bodies please but a little help?) to fill out that forward position because otherwise, who's going to score the goals for our Reds? We can't wait on Danny Koevermans to get fit and regardless of how much Luis Silva may have matured he is not going to lead this team in goals. This would create plenty of cap space, it'd be nice to see some players coming in at some point though.

What would you like to see come this way? Player or cash?