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Joevin Jones, Nik Robson and Jose Gomez first cuts of Toronto FC pre-season

Ah, the first crushed dreams of the pre season. They didn't even get into a game and now we bid them farewell, for the second time in Jones' case.

Jose Gomez. Not in a TFC kit, never will be.
Jose Gomez. Not in a TFC kit, never will be.
Creighton Blue Jays Athletics

That was how the news was unceremoniously broken, with a casual tweet, that the first cuts of Toronto FC's preseason training camp have occured, 3 players released without even seeing a minute of play.

It seemed odd that Joevin Jones didn't get into the game against Columbus, why bring him in on trial if you're not going to really try him out, but I guess Ryan Nelsen and co had seen enough. That makes the Trinidadian a rather sad 0-2 when it comes to TFC tryouts after he also failed to make the grade back in 2011, the last time TFC entered the Orlando tournament desperate for players.

As for Nik Robson and Jose Gomez, although they didn't take the pitch either, for supplemental draftees, to get this far isn't all that bad really given that 3 out of TFC's 4 picks last year didn't make it down to Orlando. Nik Robson is a New Zealander, and thus would need an international spot, making him very un-gamble worthy, though Jose Gomez is a bit more of a surprise. He was a Mac Hermann award finalist and someone who it was thought might well go in the SuperDraft, never mind falling to the end of the 2nd round of the supplemental draft, though there were always question marks about his size.

Ah well, this is what preseason's all about, the crushing of dreams. Best of luck to all 3 of them wherever they end up next. Cue the obvious clip.