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Toronto FC Kit to launch February 26th during "Jersey Week"

MLS launches plans for Jersey Week which will include all 19 clubs launching a new kit each season starting in 2014. This year not all teams will launch kits but Toronto FC will with the new shirts dropping on the 26th.

Looks like the new TFC home kit will look a fair bit like the old TFC home kit
Looks like the new TFC home kit will look a fair bit like the old TFC home kit
Al Messerschmidt

The league has launched a new venture that they have decided to call "Jersey Week". The event which will take place this year in New York will run from February 25-28 (not a week guys!) and will include the launching of new kits for 12 MLS clubs unveiling on the 25th. There will also be a team launch of the new kit for each club including one for Toronto on the 26th. That will be a private event at The Berkeley Church.

Jersey week will combine the launching of new kits with some stuff about art which is intended to make the kits into a lot more than they tend to be. MLS, thanks to their binding partnership with Adidas, often ends up with fairly cookie cutter shirts for their clubs and it is often the case that several clubs in the league have the same designs just with different color schemes. Now they want to create an event which "celebrates the art, detail and nuance behind every club's jersey and the passion that supporters have for their club." So get ready to party over TFC getting a standard red shirt with a whole lot of stuff being pressed into the shirt so it looks like a maple leaf threw up on it!

This year's jersey week will combine the new kits with some art work that will feature all 19 MLS clubs. The art this year will come from Curtis Kulig which will help to drive home this years theme of "Jerseys as Art". That theme will also carry over to allow each club to "share the story behind the making of their new jersey with their supporters and will focus on the art and detail that went into the collaborative process with Adidas, MLS' official merchandise partner."

This year only 12 clubs will be launching a new kit but starting in 2014 this Jersey Week event will include all of the 19 clubs launching a new kit. That is not really a change for Toronto FC as they have had their home and away kits on different cycles in recent years. They will be replacing their home kit in 2013, the away kit in 2014, and the pattern will continue at least until they decide to add a third kit at some point.

As part of the launching of this years Jersey Week fans are now able to pre-order their club's new kits without having seen all of it. There are some teaser images on MLS Gear Canada which tell us a bit about the new kit and suggest that it will almost certainly be the one that we saw leaked several weeks back.

The good news, the teaser images confirm the fact that the proper club crest is back on the home kit. The club will still have the "fan jersey" as the away kit which has the colors changed on the crest but at least it will not be changing on the home kit. The images also showed that the kit will be primarily red and will feature an inlaid design once again.

We also get a lovely description of the kit on the pre-order page which presumably comes from the club itself. "The pattern of the 2013 Toronto FC jersey is made up of many parts. Much like how Toronto FC is made up of the players, the staff and the fans."

So now we know that MLS is going to be making a much bigger deal of their kits going forward and that TFC will have its new shirt launched on the 26th. Start saving your pennies (I guess nickels now).