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Toronto FC vs Orlando City SC. Live Stream & Game Thread

Game 2 of TFC's preseason is upon us. Watch and comment right here.


Toronto FC vs Orlando City SC
Orlando, 8pm E.S.T
Live stream below

After a loss to Columbus, the Mickey Mouse Cup continued with a game against the host team Orlando City SC. Can TFC get a confidence boosting win, or even a goal? Hopefully, but really it's about those players trying to make an impression.

Is Bendik a reliable option? Can Agbossoumonde look good again? Can Cabrera, or Bennett or Morgan show some promise up front? We'll get a bit more evidence to answer those questions tonight, so grab a beer, sit back and enjoy/weep uncontrollably as the game goes on.

Go here and here for more thorough previews. We'll have the live stream right here once gets it up and running, as well as commentaary and the usual nonsense in the comments section. Join us.