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Toronto FC vs Philadelphia Union. Live Stream and Game Thread.

Preseason continues with TFC's 3rd game of the Mickey Mouse Cup against Philly. Watch/comment all right here.

Run Terry, run!
Run Terry, run!

Toronto FC vs Philadelphia Union
Orlando, February 16th, 3pm E.S.T
Live stream below.

So, still no new signings to reassure us, but there is a new triallist to check out, Darel Russel has received mixed reviews form over the pond, Norwich fans like him, Portsmouth? Not so much.

No Frings for this one, but aside from that, there was talk of putting out a close to first team lineup for this one so that will provide some interest to the starting lineup.

Get a result here and TFC will probably end up in the 3rd place playoff next Saturday, very exciting I know, so join us here, the stream below from will show the game, and we'll have the usual commentary and nonsense in the comments section.