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Toronto FC 2 - 2 Rollins College: Oh My!

Toronto FC played a scrimmage today, not worthy of calling it a friendly, against Rollins College and in a 60 minute match managed to spoil a 2 goal lead.

Reggie Lambe had to play today, was it for form or fitness?
Reggie Lambe had to play today, was it for form or fitness?

Toronto FC got some more playing time for a couple of the players as they took to the field for an afternoon scrimmage against a local college side. Since none of us had even heard of Rollins College before today I will get you up to speed on the opposition. Rollins is a liberal arts school located in Winter Park, Florida which competes in Sunshine State Conference of NCAA's Division II. They are far more known for their academic ratings than they are for being an athletic powerhouse.

So now that you know who Rollins College and that they really should not have been a formidable opposition we can get down to the actual game itself. The only knowledge Toronto FC fans had of the game came from twitter as this impromptu game did not even come with an unreliable stream.

Toronto went with a starting lineup of Quilan Roberts, Daniel Fabrizi, Danny Califf, Derrick Bassi, Justin Davis; Reggie Lambe, Jonathan Beaulieu-Bourgault, Carlos Martinez, Andrew Wiedeman; Kyle Bekker, and Justin Braun. As a lot of the players who played major minutes against the Union were given the afternoon off.

The game was probably more about getting a look at the players hoping to earn contracts more than the end result but it was also useful for helping someone like Califf gain a bit more fitness prior to the start of the season. It would have been the first chance for the coaching staff to see Martinez and Davis in action as they joined the club after the 3-0 defeat against Orlando.

Things seemed to start well for TFC as Kyle Bekker scored a pair of goal in the first half that seemed like that would have been fairly impressive to see based on the tweets about them.

It went downhill a bit from there though as first Roberts was forced to make a big save, then Justin Braun went down with an injury, and before the first half ended Rollins got a goal back. Obviously the fact that Braun had to be taken out (was replaced for Henrik Robstad) of the game is the most worrying thing of all considering the lack of attacking options the club currently has. He clashed heads with a Rollins defender which will certainly raise the fear that he has a concussion but we shall have to wait for further word on if he has sustained any sort of injury that will cause him to miss time. It he has it might mean a lot of pressure on Taylor Morgan to not just earn a contract but contribute early in the season.

In the end the second half was only 15 minutes long but that was enough time for Rollins to get the equalizer and spoil the solid outing from Bekker. A 2-2 draw against a small time college team is not exactly an impressive result but hopefully the additional 60 minutes was good for players who needed fitness and helped the coaching staff get a better sense of what the players have to offer.

The potential injury to Braun is probably more worrisome than the actual score line at the end of the day as unless the club has some big moves plan to shore up the striking options he was set to carry a major load until Danny Koevermans returns from injury. The good news is that Bekker continues to impress but not much else we can take away from following a scrimmage via twitter.