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Torsten Frings To Say Farewell?

It's been oft rumoured since the 2012 season ended that Toronto FC captain Torsten Frings had played his last game for the Reds. This morning twitter was abuzz with rumours and speculation that a buyout/parting of ways was imminent. While this wouldn't be a surprise, it would be a sad way to end such a storied career for one of the best to ever don the shirt for TFC.

Don't You Forget About Frings
Don't You Forget About Frings
Tom Szczerbowski

In the wild and wacky world that is the Toronto FC off season, one of the biggest questions (other than where are the strikers) has been what's the story with Torsten Frings? After spending most of the winter rehabbing his injured shoulder in Germany, Frings returned to Toronto for training camp and was pronounced to be on track to return to the first team for MLS First Kick on March 2nd.

Frings journeyed with the rest of the team to Florida for the Mickey Mouse Cup and saw an entire 20 minutes of game time during the 1-0 loss to Columbus to start the tournament. After that however, he was rarely seen and then just last week it was announced that he was returning to Toronto for "personal reasons" and that he would continue to rehab here in the great white north. After that nothing has been said from either camp and the silence has been deafening.

This morning twitter blew up with rumours that the cutting of ties between Frings and TFC was coming at any moment. It all started with a tweet from Duane Rollins:

And from there it just snowballed with various writers from the football world chiming in with what they had heard:

After that the flurry of discussions about whether this is a good idea or the worst thing ever took place with most agreeing that it may indeed be time for us to say goodbye to Frings. We've still heard nothing official from Toronto FC, but it seems that in this case where there's smoke, there's likely fire. And it wouldn't be the first time that news of this magnitude was quietly released on a Friday afternoon or evening.

We'll keep you updated and the second this is confirmed we'll let you know. In the meantime - what do you think? Is this the right move for both parties? Frings can return to Germany and start his coaching career and TFC gets another DP spot and some more money to use as they slowly rebuild the club. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!