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A Closer Look at Toronto FC's 2013 Kit

Waking the Red's resident fashionista westerner takes a closer look at the new TFC kit. What's it got? And is it worth buying? And what could it all mean?

The hottest fashion for 2013!
The hottest fashion for 2013!

I'm no football fashionista (far from it, probably), but this year's kit so far isn't looking all that bad. With its various shades of red and the new stylized maple leaf in the middle, it definitely makes no bones about where this team is from.

The shirt, which was unveiled yesterday at a private event, is once again made by Adidas. The overall style is very reminicent of old-school jerseys from the 70s and the 80s, but it has features that are synonymous with the advances in sports apparel since that time.

The usual sleeve adornments are there, as well as the team's crest on the right hand side. One major difference from previous kits is the lack of a collar, something that has been part of TFC kit since day one. The "All For One" is now located on the top of the back side of the shirt, and the inside has "TFC" and the top part of the crest emblazoned on it. The maple leaf is back once again, this time in a stylized format that includes various shades of red. While some may debate the reasons, I believe for all the work that the team has done for Canada, it deserves that much. And yes, I'm personally not a fan of the patterns, but I do admit that it has a je ne sais quoi to it.

Perhaps it is this pride that has led other teams to follow: while we can't be for certain that the maple leaf designs inspired Colorado to put their state flag front and centre on their secondary jerseys (and names of their season ticket holders on the primary), or inspiring Philly to make a kit inspired by five-time US Open Cup champion Bethlehem Steel FC, I strongly believe that this is the start of a new trend in MLS fashions. But who could be next? Will the LA Galaxy stylize the Hollywood sign? Or maybe the Space Needle for Seattle (which they already do on their crest)? Or how about roses for Portland? The possibilities are endless, and I think we may see more in the future. But compared to most of the other kits revealed so far, TFC has done quite well for itself. Houston, New York and Colorado look to have just set their old kits into the new format, and it's likely many teams will do the same.

As for every day wear? The TFC kit would look good in any casual setting and would go well with most pieces in your wardrobe. From accompanying Scottish kilts to under Chinese changshan (or over a cheongsam for all you ladies if you can pull that off...), to faded jeans and those old trousers, it definitely works well with anything. From pre-game tailgating to post-game bar hopping, it just works. I wouldn't wear it to a date (like I likely would, but that's just me), but hey...if your date just so happens to be another footy nut, why not?

In short, it's a good kit, and one that doesn't make us lose our minds. It's got its detractors, but I like it. But what about you? Will you buy it? What do you think of it? Let us know in the comments below!