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Are You Smarter Than Winter? Round 1

Waking the Red's prediction contest is back for 2013! This year we are giving you the chance to prove you are Smarter Than Aron Winter!

You won't find the right answers by staring off into space Aron!
You won't find the right answers by staring off into space Aron!

The season is nearly upon us and that means the return of everyone's favorite score prediction game. Yes it's "Smarter Than..." time! Many of you are already familiar with our "Smarter than..." series of contests, but for the new comers who are set to give it a go for the first time in 2013, welcome and fear not, the contest is quite simple.

To enter all you have to do is submit a guess for the score of the match in question each time we post a new round. You can leave your guess in the comments section of the post or submit it via twitter to @wakingthered. In the past we have had readers prove they are smarter than Mo and Preki but this year your goal is to prove that you are Smarter Than Winter!

The scoring system is fairly simple for the contest (mostly so we can actually do the math):

2 points for the correct result, ie win, lose or tie

1 point for getting the number of goals scored by Toronto FC correct

1 point for getting the number of opposition goals scored correct

That means a perfect guess for a game would score you a grand total of 4 points. Repeat that feat each round of the MLS season and you could be winning a fancy prize!

Yes, we do offer a prize for this contest which in the past has included such amazing prizes as: the official team sheets for TFC's worst ever league defeat, a collectable Preki doll, and something from the Mo year that I don't remember at all. We are still working to nail down the prize for this season, but it will at least be something amusing and hopefully worth your time (we don't value time that highly so fair warning).

The standings will be kept in two different ways since we understand that some folks are going to miss a round or two due to vacations, absent mindedness or other plausible excuses. The first is a straight up points total, score the most points over the course of the season and you win. The second is points per prediction, that does not mean get 4 on the first round and quit but it will reward people who took part regularly but might have missed a couple rounds keeping them out of the running for top spot.

With the first game coming up quickly get your guess for Toronto FC's visit to Vancouver Whitecaps in before kickoff on Saturday!