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Osorio, Fabrizi, Bassi fill out 30 man Toronto FC pre-season roster

There's 3 academy kids, 4 supplemental draftees and a trialist, but TFC have managed to pull together 30 players.

Jonathan Osorio. Soon to be TFC player?
Jonathan Osorio. Soon to be TFC player?

Word sneaked out earlier today about Trinidadian Joevin Jones being on trial with Toronto FC down in Orlando for the Mickey Mouse Cup, and now we know the full 30 man squad that's down there, finally getting ready to play some pre season games and work their way into shape for the regular season.

30 Man squad? Sounds like we're in fine shape heading into the first game right? Just the final details to be worked out, pies to be sweated out and places won or lost? Much better than the preparation that was so readily blamed for last season's struggles, right? Well, no not exactly. Let's forget for now the fact that other teams (who probably all had much more of a settled squad to start with) are already well into their preparations and playing games, and that most of them have had their head coach with them all along, which might help, who knows. Instead let's take a closer look at that 30 man squad, and it's not all that pretty.

Only 22 of them right now are officially signed up for next year, and of that 22, Logan Emory and Danny Koevermans are currently injured and won't be playing in Orlando. Neither will Doneil Henry, off standing on guard with Canada's u-20 team. That takes us down to 19, of which more are goalkeepers than forwards. Excellent.

On the bright side though, that'll leave plenty of opportunity for the remaining 8 on the squad to impress and earn themselves a place in the squad when the season opens. Who are they?

Aside from Jones, there's also all 4 supplemental draftees, all still in with a chance of making it. I wouldn't get too attached to them though, after all none of those picked in last season's supplemental draft made the team, in fact most of them had been dismissed before the trip to Orlando was even made, so congrats to Ashton Bennett and co on making it this far. Given the lack of forward options signed up so far, Bennett's definitely in with a chance of making the team, so he's one to keep your eye on when the game start, as are the academy kids who fill out the last 3 spots in that 30 man squad.

There's not a lot I can really tell you about the 3, Jonathon Osorio, Daniel Fabrizi and Derrick Bassi, they're certainly not the most high profile academy names you might expect to be called up for this, those like Tyler Pasher, or Sergio Camargo, or Jordan Hamilton (who's off with Canada's under 17 team).

Osorio is a 21 year old, who's represented Canada at U-20 level, was with club Nacional in Uruguay for a while, and was playing last year for SC Toronto in the CSL (this youtube highlight video, as well as having the obligatory terrible music, says he got 11 goals and 9 assists in 13 games played which isn't too shabby) so has presumably been signed with an eye to the under 23/college team that's being put together.

Bassi was with Middlesbrough in England for a while, as well as with the Vancouver Whitecaps residency, and also represented Canada at various different age levels, including the U-20 World Cup in 2011.

Fabrizi had previously been with TFC's academy, and as per this article tried out for FC Edmonton's 2013 squad, obviously not making it.

Not exactly promising that any of them will be knocking on the first team door any time soon is it? If you can't tell from those 3 paragraphs, I've never seen any of them play, so it would be harsh to judge too much, but I can't help but feel that u23 team would be a more natural fit for them.

So, some players to keep an eye on in TFC's games in Orlando for sure, but still no sign of the biggish names that Kevin Payne is presumably hoping to spend all that allocation money from the draft and cap space from the Hassli trade on. That's not entirely unexpected really, any training camp will have it's share of long shots or young kids there for the experience, whereas the bigger names that are hopefully on the way are more likely to be signed without having to try out. Let's hope they start arriving soon though so they can get some kind of familiarity with the squad, you know, what preseason should be all about. We've seen the 'unprepared to start the season' movie way too many times over the years.

Here's that squad in full:

2 - Logan Emory - D
3 - Danny Califf - D
4 - Doneil Henry - D
5 - Ashtone Morgan - D
6 - Gale Agbossoumonde - D
8 - Kyle Bekker - M
9 - Emery Welshman - F
11 - Luis Silva - M
12 - Joe Bendik - GK
14 - Danny Koevermans - F
15 - Matt Stinson - M
17 - Justin Braun - F
19 - Reggie Lambe - F
20 - Jose Gomez - M (*)
21 - Nik Robson - M (*)
22 - Torsten Frings - M
23 - Terry Dunfield - M
24 - Stefan Frei - GK
25 - Jeremy Hall - D
26 - Ashton Bennett - F (*)
27 - Richard Eckersley - D
28 - Taylor Morgan - F (*)
31 - Joevin Jones - D/M (T)
32 - Andrew Wiedeman (F)
35 - Jonathan Osorio - M (A)
36 - Daniel Fabrizi - D (A)
37 - Derrick Bassi - D (A)
40 - Quillan Roberts - GK
48 - Darren O'Dea - D
55 - Julio Cesar - M