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Nicolas Cabrera On Trial With Toronto FC

As TFC fans finger nails get shorter and shorter from the mounting concern over the lack of signings; this morning a (shining) light may have appeared in the form of Argentinian winger Nicolas Cabrera

Is it the big name signing that we've all been hoping for? No. But the news that someone, anyone in the form of an attacking player is on trial with TFC is cause for, well not jubilation exactly, but a small smile is permitted.

Toronto FC tweeted earlier this morning that Argentinian winger Nicolas Alejandro Cabrera had joined the team in Orlando on trial bringing TFC's trialist total to two! Following the recent addition of Joevin Jones to the group training down in Florida.

Cabrera fits TFC's immediate needs in a number of areas - he's a young (28), attacking winger - really need I say more? He's recently spent time with Independiente of the Argentinian Primera Division before returning on loan to his youth club Gimnasia y Esgrima La Plata (come on you garbagemen!) in the Primera B Nacional.

A look at his wiki and a few other sites doesn't exactly make you sit up and scream "Yes! We must have him on our team!" but neither does it make you scream "Dear gods no! Not him!". Is this the potential signing that will make TFC an MLS powerhouse? No. Will it make them worse? No. One of the things that stood out was while he's not a goal scoring machine, he doesn't appear to take an excess of shots either - basically he only shoots if he thinks he's going to score - I'll take that all day.

Cabrera would help to fill an immediate need as TFC are desperate for wingers, although he does play on the right which is the one area where Toronto is slightly better off with Reggie (1 in 6) Lambe and newly drafted Emery Welshman both favouring the right side. However as depth has never been a strong point for our Reds and Welshman not likely to be a starter this season, someone with some attacking flair to link up with Richard Eckersley on the wing can only be a good thing.

He also appears to have a good instinct for goal, as shown in the video up top. What do you think of this latest trialist? Is this a small step in the right direction for you? Let us know in the comments?