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Toronto FC lacking in a "Plan B"

Duncan's latest article for Sportsnet talks about another late game collapse by Toronto FC and the lack of a backup plan for when things are not going quite right.

Morgan going into a tackle which he was not sent off for.
Morgan going into a tackle which he was not sent off for.

Duncan recaps Toronto FC's 1-1 draw against the Philadelphia Union in his most recent article. Looking at the team's inability to improvise in a game to make the small changes that are needed not only to help create chances but also to get the job done defensively. The most glaring example being the late game equalizer which came after Toronto failed to adjust to Ashtone Morgan being sent off just minutes earlier.

It is not all doom and gloom from Duncan though as he acknowledges that it will take time to build the kind of foundation that head coach Ryan Nelsen has said will be needed. Until that foundation and the ability to battle through adversity are in place though the last gasp goals are not likely to become a thing of the past.

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