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Are you smarter than Aron Winter? Round 8

Predict the TFC vs Impact score and win, win, win!

Hey, the Voyageurs Cup, I won this thing twice!
Hey, the Voyageurs Cup, I won this thing twice!
Otto Greule Jr

************Regular Smarter than Winter details below, but if you like your footy guessing games, you should also be checking out the more involved annual Voyageurs Cup prediction contest held over at Out of Touch. Click here for all the details on that one.**********

It might well be B team vs B team out there, though hopefully at least whoever makes up TFC's 18 on the day will be going out there for the win, but on this blog, we're still bringing you our A competitions, as Smarter than Winter just keeps on going.

Will TFC have a weak team? Will the impact's be even weaker? Will we see the debut of their latest Italian? Will TFC once again let in a goal at the death? Or is that just an MLS thing?

Who knows? Why you do of course, so predict the score in the comments section, or @wakingthered on twitter. 2 points for the correct result, 1 point for correct amount of TFC goals, 1 point for correct amount of Montreal et le buuuuuuuut's. Current standings below, thanks for playing.

Guillame Tremblay 18
stoppage_time 16
DKolish3 15
lesean25 14
Varry Galk 14
Prizby 14
B_Like_Fonz 14
James M Casey 13
Steph Gunther 13
Duncan Fletcher 13
Bruce Harding 12
susanjm 12
john leung 12
james grossi 12
Kristin Knowles 12
C to the D 11
Ghost of TFC Future 11
Michelle 11
sulfur_chesh 11
Allan Thornton 11
N3WT 10
Red Wine Roz 10
Wright Anomaly 10
c.beaulieu 10
nsmith02 10
ColMustard 10
pkelamis 9
the sporting pacifist 9
Randy Narine 9
Footy Wolverine Go Blue 9
PSoNumber9 9
AMS1984 9
barticusz 8
hansdampf 8
rthos 8
SaskTFCFan 8
sweep6 8
dcherk 8
cwell 7
Sairax 7
walms 7
izaac.kamrad 7
The Yorkies 7
Lars Lowther 6
Toronto Tony 6
mathphys 6
bg77 6
wilcov 6
dave saad 6
blindfolded tank driver 5
j_real 5
Dave Rowaan 5
Boba_fett11 5
Berktopia 5
Grayson Th. D. 4
Angus Chung 4
sn0wmanCA 4
Mr Tuktoyaktuk 4
Duane Rollins 3
GreenApes 3
skinn 3
Armen Bedakian 3
alonsopena 3
mikep2 3
brian coulter 2
Wheatsheaf 2
darth pingu 2
shortofbrilliant 2
jc_plante 2
kilowatt44 1
mike mcguire 1
hitchorado 1
notmirokliment 1
prof frink 1
dannymac83 1
ian clarke 1
nelsen’s sweater vest 1