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Toronto FC chasing Herculez Gomez?

With Urruti and Davies not coming, is TFC's eye for a new forward turning to an old foe in Herculez Gomez?

Ok with snow? Check!
Ok with snow? Check!

Toronto FC are very clearly still a work in progress, and it's obvious that Kevin Payne and Ryan Nelsen are looking to bring in another forward to compliment Robert Earnshaw and, eventually, Danny Koevermans. With the Maximiliano Urruti and Kevin Davies deals both breaking down, that search will now be directed elsewhere, and the latest name to pop up is a bit out of left field, USMNT player and occasional TFC CCL bête noire Herculez Gomez.

It was Grant Wahl who dropped the tidbit, appearing on Fox soccer on Sunday to discuss many things (link here, if you're in the US, or at least can convince your computer that it's in the US, enjoy). He said that there was talk of Gomez returning to MLS in this summer's transfer window, and that there are currently two interested teams, Seattle Sounders and TFC.

Now I'd definitely categorise this as a very long shot, you'd think any of the US based teams would be a more natural fit for both player and club, if only for marketing purposes. Having said that, his time in Mexico shows he's not one of your insular Americans afraid to leave their comfort zone so I doubt a trip to Canada would trouble him. Also, though the CCL games in 2012 got a bit feisty, he seemed to quite enjoy putting himself into the middle of the controversy and the trolly twitter 'banter' that followed, and let's face it, TFC probably have the ability and desperation to throw more cash at him than the majority of MLS clubs, which never hurts.

If true, would it work? Quite possibly. At 31 years old, he's still a very good player and could contribute for a few years, certainly longer than Danny Koevermans. You'd have to think he'd be commanding a DP salary, but, unlike the other team mentioned, Seattle, TFC have the room for another DP so that wouldn't cause problems. Also there's the issue that Sporting Kansas City currently hold his MLS rights, but I'm sure something could be worked out easily enough if MLS wants this to happen, so again, that shouldn't cause problems.

Though he's a big name in North American circles, this certainly wouldn't be the big Beckham or Keane type name that Tim Leiweke mused about bringing in, but it would nevertheless be an impressive and eyecatching signing and one that could definitely be an upgrade when it comes to creating and scoring chances. By the summer window, Koevermans should be back, he, Earnshaw and Gomez would be a very very interesting trio to try and find room for on the same teamsheet, but it'd be a very welcome problem to work out. We're obviously a long way from that happening, right now it's merely a rumour that TFC are interested, though one from a very reputable source, it will be very interesting to see if anything more comes of this when that summer window rolls around.