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Best! Toronto FC Goal! Ever! Maybe.

It was as fantastic as it was surprising. Goal of the week? Probably. Best TFC goal this season? Absolutely. Best TFC goal of all time?

Eat my goal!
Eat my goal!

Darel Bloody Russel. Of all the people to have the ball fall to in the 90th minute, I'm pretty sure no TFC fan would have picked him to be taking the shot at that point. But What. A Goal. A pure strike, off the inside of the post, giving the goalie no chance. A veritable Golazo and no mistake. Made all the prettier by the full length dive by the Dallas goalie, always better to have a flailing goalie accompanying a goal than one rooted to the spot.

But how does it stack up in the ranks of best TFC goals ever. In my head, it's right up there. I'm not talking most important, or most satisfying, just from a purely aesthetic viewpoint, has there been a better goal in TFC's short history?

First up, enjoy it again here, then enjoy the other goals I can think of that rival it. Vote for your favourite, and if there's one I've forgot that you think should be in there, please let me know in the comments section.

Russell vs FC Dallas

Jim Brennan vs Columbus Crew

Heeeeey, Jimmy Brennan, etc etc. A rocket from the captain.

Rohan Ricketts vs Colorado Rapids

Some nice twisting and turning to create space then blasting it in at the near post. With the added bonus of a Laurent Robert free kick at the start of the video, and an absolutely heaving South End in it's prime.

Chad Barrett vs Montreal

I love Chad, but there's no bias needed to appreciate this one. Starts at 7:50 of this video.

Ryan Johnson vs Seattle Sounders

Ah, Ryan Johnson. Such a good player at the start of 2012 and this is him at his best, cutting inside from the wing and from the corner of the box, curling one into the far top corner in off the post. Lovely

With apologies to Danny Dichio at the end of 2007 and Ryan Johnson vs New York last year, and probably others I've forgotten, there's my top 5. Vote, and feel free to add other choices in the comments section.