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Report: Matias Laba the Other Argentinian Coming to TFC

After a week of speculation, reports seem to indicate the identity of the second young Argentinian coming to TFC along with Maximiliano Urruti as 21 year old midfielder Matias Laba.

Ah Pat, you've done it again...?
Ah Pat, you've done it again...?
Bob Levey

A new week, and a new round of fresh speculation has begun at TFC. Last week it was reported by Neil Davison of the Canadian Press that the deal to bring Maximiliano Urruti over from Newell's Old Boys was signed, sealed and (almost) delivered, but also that someone else would be joining him on the journey to Toronto.

After a week of wondering, it seems the Toronto Sun's Kurtis Larson has found the person we're talking about:

Laba currently plays for Argentinos Juniors, a team that currently sits at the lower end of that country's league table. Sources according to Larson say that Laba will be a straight-up transfer, a fee that Argentinian sports network TyC Sports says will be in the area of US$1.5 million. Meanwhile, Urruti will be a loan until the end of the MLS season (something that the Montreal Impact are doing with Laba's teammate, Maximiliano Rodriguez and in the process outing themselves as a bunch of big copycats)

From first glance, it appears that Laba is a defensive mid, unfancied but seemingly rather effective.. He's put in 57 appearances in two years for his club, and also played at the 2011 FIFA U-20 World Cup, and also at the 2011 Pan American Games in Guadalajara, Mexico, where he scored this distant strike against Cuba:

And also, for those of you who know Spanish, here's an interview of him talking to club media at Argentinos Juniors. (If you know what they're talking about, feel free to share!)

As stated before, these are only preliminary reports -- so anything can and will still happen. The earliest we can expect Laba and Urruti is the end of the month, but given the stage, we could see the official announcement soon, and when it does drop, we will have coverage for you.

But what do you think? Let us know in the comments below!