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Toronto FC waives Ashton Bennett and Taylor Morgan

A combined two substitute appearances is all Toronto FC's 2013 Supplemental Draft picks managed to make before being waived on Tuesday morning.

Taylor Morgan in his lone MLS apperance.
Taylor Morgan in his lone MLS apperance.
Jeff Vinnick

Well, they managed to last longer than many Supplemental Draft picks but on Tuesday morning Ashton Bennett and Taylor Morgan were given their walking papers as Toronto FC made the decision to waive the pair of attacking players. The two of them managed to make a combined total of two substitute appearances this season with Bennett coming off the bench in the Voyageurs Cup game in Toronto and Morgan making his lone appearance late in the first game of the season against the Vancouver Whitecaps.

Both players were selected by Toronto in the Supplemental Draft with Bennett being taken with the first pick of the second round (20th overall) and Morgan following with the first pick of the fourth round (58th overall). They both managed to outlast fellow draftees Nik Robinson and Jose Gomez but with roster slots suddenly at a premium for Toronto FC they both paid the price.

When Bennett and Morgan were signed it came on the back of fairly strong performances in the preseason but it was at a time when Toronto was in dire need of attacking help. Since then though the club has brought in a number of more experienced options both up front and on the wings. With Danny Koevermans nearing his return, Robert Earnshaw doing well, and Justin Braun making a contribution there really was not a lot of playing time available for someone like Morgan. The same was the case for Bennett as he found himself well down the depth chart out on the wings with the likes of Hogan Ephraim, John Bostock, Reggie Lambe, and even Emery Welshman keeping him out of the 18.

The biggest impact of this move of the roster slots that are now open for Toronto to work with as they continue to rebuild the roster. Taylor Morgan was taking up an international slot and with the recent additions of Steven Caldwell and Jeremy Brockie (plus Tal Ben Haim possibly coming) the club was in serious need of additional international slots. They will still need to open up another slot though at some point prior to Koevermans making his return from injury.

Bennett's departure opens up a less pressing need though as the Jamaican attacker did have Canadian residency and was not taking up an international slot. Toronto is right around the 30 man limit on their roster though so if they do plan on adding more players in the coming weeks someone was going to have to be shown the door.

In the end, Bennett and Morgan had little time to make a contribution and having been signed initially to fill roster slots when the team was desperate for players are now surplus to the club's needs. Like the majority of Supplemental Draft picks they will now be looking for playing time elsewhere.