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Toronto FC vs Columbus Crew: Game Thread.

Follow all the action, the Bendik long kicks, the naive refereeing, the inevitable late goals etc etc right here with us.

Keep squeaking lab rat!
Keep squeaking lab rat!
Jamie Sabau

Toronto FC vs Columbus Crew
BMO Field, 5PM EST

They're baaaa-aaack. Everyone's favourite frustration returns after 10 days off for their only home appearance of the month, with a new set of fresh faced and un-mentally scarred teammates to break in. Caldwell, Brockie and Convey should help shore up some of TFC's many holes, you'd hope so. It's too soon to tell really, and it'll be too soon right until the ref blows the final whistle. TFC probably will concede late on, though you'd hope at least this time it's not the Crew goalie who scores.

Talking of the ref, we are indeed in for yet another science exam, our plucky little lab rats exposed to the unsure prodding and probing of another inexperienced ref, the 12 game veteran Jose Carlos Rivero. Whatever happens though, we can't really complain of bad luck as the Crew will be missing Chad Marshall through injury and Jairo Arrieta due to suspension, excellent news to come through on the day before the game. Of course we also have the advantage of all the dirty little secrets Duncan Oughton might be able to tell us.

For a fuller preview, you can catch all our coverage, Kristin's preview and all the Know Your Enemy goodness from James by clicking on the link off to the left, illustrated by better times for Ashtone Morgan and little Matty Stinson.

This is of course the first of 3 games that will decide who hoists the much sought after (and now sponsored! ooh, aah!) Trillium Cup. the Voyageurs Cup didn't get us going, hopefully this one will get some juices flowing. If all that isn't enough to get you out of your seats and down to the game, then hey, it's Italian heritage night! With tarantella dancers and musicians! speducci and porchetta! Ooh! Aah!

If you're not enticed by all that and are staying home to watch the game, then join us here, we'll have team news as soon as it hits the twitter and other pre game chat, then updates throughout the game, right up to that last minute goal you know is coming. Join us.

Come on you Reds!