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Toronto FC waive John Bostock

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After showing so much promise as a teenager it seems that John Bostock has finally hit rock bottom as he was not even good enough to stick around on such a poor Toronto FC team. The club confirmed Friday that the winger was placed on waivers ending his loan deal from Tottenham.

No more Bostock on the wings for Toronto FC.
No more Bostock on the wings for Toronto FC.

Well, we hardly knew you John Bostock. The Toronto FC winger has had his loan from Tottenham Hotspur brought to a premature end as the Reds have placed Bostock on waivers. Having joined the Toronto club on loan in March the English winger failed to impress and has now been shown the door.

It is disappointing to see a player who once showed enough promise to make him the youngest player ever at both Crystal Palace and Tottenham Hotspur being shown the door by Toronto FC but based on his performances for the club it is a move that very few will question.

Bostock failed to make any real impact during his time in MLS as he failed to find his name on the score sheet in 7 league and 2 cup appearances. The lack of scoring from the winger would have been okay had he been providing quality service to the other attackers but outside of a few flashes of quality his delivery on crosses was poor and he spent more time running into defenders than he did trying to beat them with his technical ability.

He had clearly fallen out of favor with Head Coach Ryan Nelsen in recent weeks as his last league start was all the way back on April 6th against FC Dallas. Since that game he has been left on the bench three times and made an appearance as a substitute on three occasions (two for less than 5 minutes).

With Bostock's loan set to end at the end of June it seemed his days with the club were numbered at best as he had done little to prove he was worth keeping around on a new contract come the summer when his deal with Tottenham expires. By releasing Bostock now the Reds will be free to look for options to replace him in the roster and the player will be able to begin looking for his next club.

For a player who was once regarded as one of England's top youth players it seems that Bostock has now just about hit rock bottom in his career. It will be interesting to see where he ends up next as it is unlikely that clubs will be lining up for his signature.

The one thing that Bostock did have on his side when he came to Toronto was his age. At 21 years old it would be foolish to write him off but his lack of progress since the time he was 16 should be concerning to any club that is interested in bringing him in this summer. It was clear that his stop at Toronto was not getting him back on track which is a shame but it is good to see the club realized it was not working out and are able to move on without being tied to any sort of long term deal.

By releasing Bostock TFC have opened up the international roster slot that they need to add Danny Koevermans to the active roster. His departure will also give them addition cap space to work with in the summer transfer window which is already shaping up to be a busy time for the club.

Cos it's almost the weekend and it's nice to be nice, let's all relive his moment of glory, that penalty he won against Sporting Kansas City. Enjoy it again, the stepover, the fortunate bounce, the cutback, the flamboyant dive to sell the slight contact, the grimacing clutch of the knee to justify the dive. And then of course Earnshaw's goal and the 2-0 lead. Lovely.