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New England Revolution 2:0 Toronto FC. Whatever

Another game, another loss. Meh


Well, I'm going to have to buckle down and write something coherent about that for Sportsnet, but that can wait until tomorrow. This one's going to be a quick and shambolically put together bunch of sentences. It's about all they deserve really.

Where to start? Let's be nice and look at some positives. Jeremy Brockie looked lively and a bit of a threat, he forced one good save and there's definite potential there. He and Robert Earnshaw weren't quite on the same page on what could have been a few half chances, if they can work on that and improve with familiarity, some good things could happen.

Jonathan Osorio, on as a second half sub for Reggie Lambe looked very good, much better than Lambe did on the left wing, he continues to be one of the few bright spots.

At left back, Darren O'Dea actually had some good moments going forward, putting in the odd good cross. Presumably this experiment will just keep running so I guess you've got to look for the good bits, and he was better than expected going forward today, linking up well with Osorio in the 2nd half.

Doneil Henry continues to show good recovery skills. It's usually his own mistakes he has to recover from, but that's something I guess.

As for the negatives, well that would take a whole lot longer, You've got O'Dea and Richter, a very poor full back pairing. It seems harsh to blame O'Dea really, but Diego Fagundez made him look a bit silly quite a few times. Reggie Lambe was hopeless again, subbed off at half time, after another one of his 5 in 6 games.

Aside from that, it's hard to think of individual players that stood out as poor, but the overall lack of quality was painfully evident. Even in the 2nd half when TFC looked much better, there was more hustle and pressure, but very little quality, and nothing that I'd look at and think that was a great chance. Actually that's a lie, right at the end Jeremy Hall got the ball in the middle of the box in plenty of space but hammered his shot wide. By then the game was 2-0 so at least it wasn't a costly miss.

The inevitable late goal, at least this time it came as TFC were pushing for an equaliser, rather than turtling to protect a result. It was all too easy though once again, Juan Agudelo getting the goal, easily drifting by Darren O'Dea who seemed unaware he was even there.

The 2-0 result does at least put an end to that 'only losing by 1' stat, though the narrative of TFC being in the game right to the end can still be clung to by those looking to keep things positive.

Am I surprised? No. Disappointed? No, I really wasn't expecting anything different. Apathetic? Indifferent? Sadly yes, it's going to be a long 5 months ahead until the end of the season. Where do TFC go from here? Who knows, there was precious little to cling to from this one. Osorio's worth a start ahead of Lambe in the next game, and hey Danny Koevermans might be back in next week's game.

It was his return from injury last year that turned the worst team into the world into a competent outfit for a month or two. It's probably too much to ask him to pull off the same trick this year. Getting that one win early really helped with the comparisons to 2012. 7 more points than this time last year, all that sort of thing. That's not going to provide comfort for much longer as this stage of the season is about the time TFC went on it's streak. After 20 games, they had 19 points in 2012. In 2013 they've got 7 from 12, who'd put money on them to get 12 from the next 8 to stay ahead of the pace, keep that rather pointless comparison relevant. Not me.